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TARP SURVIVAL SHELTER When many people are forced into a survival situation one of the last things to cross their mind is the need for shelter. Hope of finding their way back to civilization or of satisfying the need for food and water typically trump the thought of one of our basic necessities. You can survive up to 3 days without water, and up to 3 weeks without food, but only 3 hours without shelter in harsh conditions.

TARP SURVIVAL SHELTER In a perfect survival situation you’d have some sort of tent or a tarp to keep you covered. If you find yourself in a survival situation without cloth for shelter, Not all survival situations are perfect knowing what to do for shelter is essential.

Without shelter you’ll be battling the elements head-on and will be dealing with heat loss at a rapid rate.

Now, there are many different types of shelters you can build, depending on your location and the resources around you. But the one survival shelter that’s the most universal is the Debris Hut. It can be quickly built out of almost anything in almost any environment and doesn’t require tools.

TARP SURVIVAL SHELTER The key to an effective Debris Hut is preventing body heat from escaping. Body heat can be lost through contact with wind, snow, rain, and even the ground. A solid Debris Hut will therefore act similar to a bivouac: it buffetts your body from the elements and potential ground heatsinks. In short, it insulates you with debris with sticks for structure.

TARP SURVIVAL SHELTER How to Construct a Debris Shelter

  1. Pick a spot with a lot of debris around you. This is your building material. You’re looking for things like sticks, moss, leaves, and other debris that’s away from the threat of falling trees and/or limbs.
  2. Find a sturdy pole about 8 feet long and prop it up on a stump or in the crook of a tree. The pole should be able to support your weight (or about 175 lbs). When you lay down underneath it you should be very cozy with just 6 inches between your body and the debris you’re going to pile around the pole.
  3. Lean shorter sticks along the main pole and leave room for a small doorway. These shorter sticks are called the ribs and will act as the structure for your Debris Hut.
  4. Take even smaller sticks and lay those on the ribs. These sticks keep all the debris from falling on you.
  5. Pile heaping amounts of debris on top and make a bed inside. All the debris is going to keep your Debris Hut insulated and prevent you from losing all your body heat. Make sure you pile the softest, driest debris on the inside and closest to your body. When all’s said and done, you should have at least 3 feet of debris piled on top and on all sides of your shelter.
  6. Find extra sticks to pile on top of the debris on the outside of your shelter to keep your insulation from blowing away with the wind.
  7. For more protection from the elements you can stuff a shirt or a clothing item full of leaves to plug up the entryway and create a door. Otherwise, plug the entryway with a debris bundle tied with pliant sticks or even just loose debris.
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THE BASIC NECESSITY OF CLEAN WATER As we explore America’s great outdoors, having clean (a.k.a. potable) water is a necessity, and outside of the U.S., water quality varies even more.

THE BASIC NECESSITY OF CLEAN WATER We put together this short list of top tips for finding or making potable water in the backcountry. As the Rule of Threes states, you can only go 3 days without water, so it should be a top priority if you find yourself in a survival situation. 

THE BASIC NECESSITY OF CLEAN WATER First of all, never assume water from a pipe is clean straight from the pipe. If you happen upon an old well on a farm or private campground, don’t assume it’s safe to drink or even to cook or wash with. The EPA does not regulate private drinking water wells.

Springs, head-water streams and collecting morning dew are your best sources for clean drinking water in a wilderness setting. Rainwater is usually safe to drink, so it’s a very low-risk option for survivalists assuming you are able to fashion a collection mechanism.

Boiling is a good rule of thumb for any water from streams or other ground sources. Letting water boil for 5 minutes kills waterborne organic materials like bacteria and pathogens.

When natural options aren’t available and you run out of bottled or boiled water, purifiers and filters can remove most dangers.

You’ve probably seen many water purifiers at outdoors and sporting good dealers. They’re great at eliminating the viruses, protozoa and bacteria usually caused by fecal matter from animals and people that lurk in many rivers, lakes and streams in the U.S. and Canada. The good news is that viral contamination in our wilderness waters is low, so water filters are safe enough for most domestic backcountry explorations. 

SteriPens are another means of water purification. They use UV light to zap the DNA of cryptosporidium, the most treatment-resistant pest. They’re also effective in killing bacteria and protozoa, so they can’t multiply and cause an illness. The UV light does not change the flavor of the water and it only takes seconds, but must be able to interact with the organisms. Note, though, that SteriPens won’t work with muddy water, and they do require batteries (Lithium ones last the longest).

There are many types of pump filters, chemical purifiers and even squeeze bottles that use beads of iodinated resin and filters to do the job. Pregnant women and others should avoid iodine, so consult your doctor first if you plan to bring a water purifier into the backcountry while pregnant or with someone who may be pregnant.

It goes without saying that brackish water should never be used as a hydration source. According to the U.S. Department of the Interior Geological Survey, “If there is too much salt in your body, your kidneys cannot get enough freshwater to dilute the salt and your body will fail.” Many a stranded sailor has learned that lesson too late.Click Here for more info ….





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CONDOR CIPHER PANTS Despite the name, there’s nothing secret about the new Condor Cipher Pants: buy one, and you’ll get a pair of simply awesome trousers. Condor Outdoor team of designers did excellent work, creating pants that successfully combine technical performance expected in tactical apparel with modern aesthetics suitable for urban environments.

CONDOR CIPHER PANTS They’ve done so by utilising high-quality, breathable and lightweight quick-drying stretch fabric instead of typical Polycotton blend. And mixing standard tactical trousers features with a contemporary and low-key, slim-fitted style, different from most, usually more generous in size combat pants available on the market.

CONDOR CIPHER PANTS There are seven functional pockets in total, including two classic trousers pockets at the front and back, two discrete rear gadget pockets suitable for phone or mag, small pocket inside right front pocket, and a low-profile and convenient zipper pocket on the right leg.

CONDOR CIPHER PANTS To offer improved manoeuvrability and comfort of wearing throughout the day, Condor Cipher Pants are equipped with elastic waistband, also suitable for IWB holster, and durable micromesh pocket liners, diamond gusset to distribute the stress from leg movement, and articulated knees that make bending and kneeling very easy. Moreover, a blend of Nylon and Spandex used to build these pants features extra Teflon fabric protector for better dirt and wear resistant, while reliable YKK zippers ensure seamless performance.

As declared by Condor, Cipher Pants were designed primarily for the urban operator in mind, and we can certainly recognise that idea. But these trousers look casual enough to work well also in different situations, while hiking, fishing or travel. At the moment they come in three basic colours: Black , slightly brighter Charcoal , and Stone – the equivalent of Khaki. We hope more colour options are going to be added soon.

Condor Cipher Pants are available at Military 1st online store right now so why not grab a pair? They are definitely worth it! Take advantage of our current promotion: Condor Sale! Until 12 April we give 10% discount on all Condor Outdoor products (except for those already discounted) with code: CONDOR17. More info Click here…


British Army

British Army To Be Issued New ‘Urban’ Camouflage

British Army

British Army The fashion world moves notoriously quickly. The same, however, can not always be said for the Ministry of Defence.

British Army Seven years, or 28 catwalk seasons, after the introduction of the British Army’s Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) camouflage it’s understood the MoD is considering issuing all soldiers with new Urban Pattern (UP) clothing.

Developed in secret with some of the UK’s biggest homebuilders and fashion houses, UP camo is designed to give British troops the advantage when fighting in built-up areas such as European towns and cities.

Depending on where troops are deployed they’ll be issued with either Brick, Stone or Pebble Dash clothing, kit and body armour.

Before its adoption in 2010, MTP camouflage was trialled in a number of environments, including deserts and grasslands. Tests in urban areas resulted in splodges of beige and dark brown being added to break up the patterns and add shadows.

But with the focus of operations moving away from more rural fighting environments in Afghanistan and Iraq, to the likes of densely populated Estonia and Poland, sources say the British Army have been increasingly concerned about the visibility of soldiers wearing MTP camo.

Initial design work for UP is alleged to have begun in 2015 after Army top brass became aware of Lt Col Neil Stace’s top three finish in Season 3 of the BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee.

British Army Officer Lieutenant Colonel Neil Stace is a finalist in the BBC TV series - The Great British Sewing Bee
British Army’s Lieutenant Colonel Neil Stace, finalist in The Great British Sewing Bee

Speaking to Forces News a source revealed that UP has already been successfully worn by troops training in urban warfare in London, Edinburgh and Slough.

Over a number of days earlier this year thousands of tourists reportedly failed to spot Special Forces soldiers guarding some of the country’s most visited attractions including Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh Castle and Windsor Castle.

With the Ministry of Defence refusing to answer questions about SAS and SBS operations Forces News has been unable to verify the rumours.

However, while ‘Stone’ and ‘Pebble Dash’ have yet to be seen, a picture of ‘Brick’ has been leaked. It’s thought to have been taken at Greenland’s Camp on Salisbury Plain during 2016’s top secret Exercise Blue Steel.

Blue Steel and the subsequent Exercise Magnum were apparently constructed to fully test soldiers’ abilities to fight in built-up areas (FIBUA), with troops tasked with holding and defending a town against an enemy force.

The cost of UP remains unknown although measures to mitigate the expense are likely to be undertaken. Among those being mooted is getting desk-bound British Army personnel to swap camouflage for casual clothing to enable them to better hide and fight in dress down offices (FIDO). Read More Click Here….

British Army




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INTO THE WOODS Until the mid-2000’s, the Woodland was the default camouflage of the U.S. Army personnel, first issued with the well-known Battle Dress Uniform (BDU). Introduced in 1981, the camouflage is a high contrast disruptive pattern with asymmetrical markings in tan, brown, green and black. The combination of these four colours proved to work great in mountainous, jungle, wooded and tropical environments with varying vegetation.

INTO THE WOODS Also since its debut, Woodland has been one of the most duplicated and altered camouflage patterns ever designed. It is certainly one of the best known, immediately associated with the military look. Today is used by various military forces around the world, particularly for uniforms and accessories, body armour and load-bearing equipment, webbing and more. It’s also a common sight in the fashion world.

Of course, Military 1st online store offers a range of quality outdoor clothing and military-style apparel in this universal pattern. Just visit our Woodland camo category to see it all. You will notice that our collection now also includes the brand new Mechanix Wear tactical gloves. This year the company introduced a range of their top quality gloves in revived Woodland camouflage, created in partnership with 1947, LLC. As the company describes, this new pattern is 60% larger compared to the previous Woodland camo lines providing enhanced irregularity to prevent colours within the pattern from “blobbing” at a distance.

Famous Mechanix Wear M-Pact tactical gloves feature classic 0.8mm synthetic leather to protect the palm and fingers from abrasion, and anatomically designed Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) on the back of the hand which absorbs impacts and resists nasty scratches. Furthermore, the palm is additionally reinforced with Armortex and equipped with XRD palm padding to reduce vibration and hand fatigue. Dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcements provide added durability to the fingertips, and embossed and textured index finger and thumb provides added grip. Moreover, Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) closure with Nylon pull loop provides a secure fit to the wrist while a form-fitting Woodland camo TrekDry fabric keeps hands fresh and comfortable. All those features, of course, decided that Mechanix Wear M-Pact tactical gloves have quickly become a norm amongst military, law enforcement and shooting enthusiasts.

Mechanix Wear Woodland Original gloves also feature durable and seamless 0.8mm synthetic leather protecting palm and fingers from abrasion. Moreover, these tactical gloves are equipped with reinforced thumb and index finger for added durability while Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure with Nylon pull loop provides a secure fit. Here, the breathable form-fitting Woodland TrekDry fabric adapts to the natural movement of the hand keeping it cool and comfortable regardless what the mission is.

These Mechanix Wear gloves are now available at Military 1st online store right now so why not grab a pair? They are unquestionably worth it! Moreover, you can take advantage of our current promotion: Woodland Sale! Until 9 June we give 10% discount on all products in Woodland camouflage (except for those already discounted) with code: WOOD17.

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The standard Battle Dress Uniform, or BDU in short, must be well known to every military clothing enthusiast. It was initially utilised by the United States Armed Forces as their standard uniform from the early 1980s to the mid-2000s, and intended for use during “battles”, as opposed to “garrison” dress uniforms.

Bringing to mind the Vietnam-era classic jungle fatigues, the BDU trousers and combat shirt first appeared in September 1981. They were covered in now famous Woodland camouflage pattern. Soon this combat uniformreplaced all earlier camo outfits for any forested, jungle and tropical environments. Interestingly, it was the first camouflaged attire approved by the U.S. Army since the Vietnam War.

While since then it has been replaced in almost every part of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Battle Dress Uniform remain popular thanks to its construction and features. Some U.S. federal, state and local law enforcement agencies or Special Forces teams are still using it, as well as military units in other countries across the globe.

Consisting of a comfortable combat shirt and cargo trousers, BDU uniform has the appearance that hardly changed over the years. The BDU shirt features classic style collar, traditional buttoned front hidden behind the flap, adjustable cuffs with buttons, and four expandable front pockets with flaps, button closures and drainage holes. Most models also come with reinforced elbows, and some with side adjustment straps.

BDU trousers come with either button or zip fly opening, side waist adjusters and seven belt loops, and adjustable drawstring leg closures. Two large hand pockets, two back pockets with buttoned flaps and two expandable side cargo pockets with buttoned flaps and side drainage offer plenty of space to carry essentials while reinforced seat and knees add durability and protection. What is more some of BDU trousers in our offer are made of fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant Polycotton Ripstop fabric.

Available at Military 1st online store is a comprehensive range of BDU shirts and cargo trousers in a diversity of colours and camouflage patterns. Such as – of course – the Woodland camo but also MultiCam, A-TACS AU and Desert. All from reputable manufacturers: PropperHelikon and Mil-Tec. Please take a moment to check our collection.

Moreover, you can take advantage of our current promotion: Combat Uniforms Sale! Until 22 June we give 10% discount on all products from our Combat Uniforms category (except for those already discounted) with code: UNIFORM17.

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PATRIOT AND LIBERTY This week, as our friends across the pond are celebrating their Independence Day, we’ve decided it’s a great excuse to present two of our best-selling fleece jackets, suitably named Patriot and Liberty.

PATRIOT AND LIBERTY Precisely designed and manufactured by Helikon, these are heavy duty fleece jackets, both intended for tactical use. And especially in the extreme weather and cold environments as they offer extreme level insulation. However, these are excellent for everyday wear too, and when things get too hot, you can always adjust the temperature inside using long ventilation zippers placed under each armpit.

Patriot and Liberty come with straight, comfortable cut and a full front two-way YKK zipper with inner wind flap and chin guard. Moreover, to ensure personalised and snug fit and provide extra protection against cold wind Helikon applied Hook and Loop adjustable cuffs with subtle branding and elastic drawstring adjustment at the bottom hem.

Both fleeces have a total of six pockets, and you’ll be surprised by the amount of gear you can fit in. There are two zippered pockets on each upper sleeve and one on the lower left sleeve, all intended for carrying small essential items. At the front, there are two outer chest pockets, easily reachable and with supplementary inner device slots, wiring eyelets and D-Rings. All those practical features are perfect for organising headphones and larger tactical items, fixing keys and similar objects. Finally, large channel pocket at the lower back, with long zippers on either side, is ideal for storing bigger objects, folded pieces of clothing and so on. Furthermore, there are Loop panels on each upper sleeve for personalization, e.g., attaching IDs or patches.

But Patriot and Liberty are not entirely similar. To provide the additional resistance from the usual wear and tear, much needed for tactical operations in full gear, Liberty comes with reinforced shoulders and elbows, while Patriot only has profiled elbow reinforcements. But ultimately the first one is missing the hood, which is Patriot’s primary characteristic, and only comes with a stand-up collar with retention. In our opinion, Patriot is definitely the most advanced one in Helikon’s collection of fleeces and its hood is the central feature. Fully adjustable thanks to the elastic drawcord and integrated with a high collar, it’s peaked and lined with micro-fleece offering further protection.

Available in various colours and camouflage patterns including MultiCam and Flecktarn, Patriot and Liberty are suitable for both Military and Law Enforcement use. But not only. They are appreciated by civilians too, including outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and wildlife photographers alike. And we are sure that virtually anyone who needs heavy-duty, warm, versatile and functional outer layer with high insulation to face the elements will be happy wearing one.

Moreover, if we managed to convince you that you need these two amazing polar jackets in your life, you can take advantage of our current promotion: Fleeces Sale! Until 6 July we give 10% discount on all products from our Fleeces category (except for those already discounted) with code: UNIFORM17. So you can save big on all our tactical and combat fleeces, technical polar jackets, pullovers and hoodies.More info Click Here…





CASE FOR EXCELLENCE posted by Lukas on July, 10, 2017 in News tagged with rifle case news military1st promo gun case rifle bag offer first tactical gun sleeve sale discount gun bag rifle sleeve


CASE FOR EXCELLENCE Whenever the new gear from First Tactical arrives at our warehouse, it feels like Christmas. We get very excited each time we open the boxes, and the company has never failed to impress. This too was the case with First Tactical Rifle Sleeves.

Carefully designed as a lightweight weapon carriers for professional shooters and tactical operators, First Tactical Rifle Sleeves come in three sizes (36″, 42″ and 50″) and three colour options: Black, Coyote and OD Green. With an overall capacity ranging from 9.8 litres (600 cu.in.) for the 36″ version, to 13.5 litres (820 cu.in.) for the 50″ one, depending on the model they can hold a single rifle of up to 50″.

The exterior is made of robust and weather resistant 500D Nylon, and come with a discreet First Tacticalbranding and three rows of Hook and Loop organisation platform for attaching IDs and morale patches. Placed on top, are two low-profile carry handles, additionally reinforced and padded for extra safety and comfort. Furthermore, a robust attachment point was added on each end of the case for use as a sniper drag bag. There are also two silent-locking and quick-release compression straps for volume adjustments when carrying a light rifle load.

First Tactical Rifle Sleeves feature lockable two-way main YKK zipper on the main compartment which is very smooth and comes with glove-friendly zipper pulls. Inside, there is a heavy-duty lining made of 300D Nylon and a 10mm closed cell foam for padding. Up at the top – a soft Hook and Loop field for optional attachments, and name/number tag on the opposite side for easy identification. Provided are two rows of integrated MOLLE webbing with adjustable and padded rifle retention strap to hold the gun without movement. There is also a clever compression moulded barrel mount that holds the muzzle at the very bottom offering even better fit and excellent steadiness. This barrel mount is removable and repositionable and works perfectly as an extra safety feature.

It’s also worth adding that these sleek, slim and easy to carry gun bags come with durable Duraflex hardware. Moreover, each and single First Tactical Rifle Sleeve comes with First Tactical’s Thru System hanging hooks placed on the backside, making them fully compatible with compartments in all First Tactical backpacks. So you can easily pair your sleeve with First Tactical Tactix 1-Day Plus or Specialist Half-Day Backpacks for confident and reliable firearm transportation whenever you need it.

If we managed to convince you that you need these amazing rifle cases in your life, you can take advantage of our current promotion: Gun Bags Sale! Until 11 July we give 10% discount on all products from our Gun Bags and Cases category (except for those already discounted) with code: GUNBAG17. So you can save big on all our rifle bags, gun slips and pistol cases, and more.More info Click Here…





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ADVANCED GEAR Nothing stays still in the world of tactical apparel and gear. This is the case with Maxpedition too and also the main idea behind the success of the brand that was innovative from the start. Although the U.S. based company holds to the principle of building extremely durable, high-quality gear, their modern and functional in-house designs are anything but conventional.

ADVANCED GEAR Last year marked the launch of the Advanced Gear Research (AGR) product line, described as the true manifestation of Maxpedition’s avant-garde research and development. Now in its second year, the range was expanded further, and right now contains a full spectrum of products, including convertible backpacks, shoulder bags and sling packs, laptop cases, as well as magazine, medical and organiser pouches. On this occasion, we’ve decided to take a closer look at three remarkable items from the collection.

With a capacity of approx. 17L, Lithvore is an ergonomic tactical backpack featuring a large main compartment with a full clamshell opening and inner Gossamer mesh pockets, a front admin pocket for added organisation, and two expandable bottle pockets with dual zipper garages to accommodate different size water bottles. There is also a top loop field for ID’s or morale patches, Laser cut ATLAS Attachment Lattice System on the front and both sides, and a bottom shock cord retention array.

The pack comes with high-grade 3D airmesh backings, padded and ergonomic shoulder straps with adjustable quick release sternum strap and Nylon loops, and a Shapeshift grab handle reinforced with bartacks. Offering plenty of room for everyday needs, Lithvore is perfect size bag for day to day carry, hiking and camping.

The Edgepeak is a fully ambidextrous sling pack that can be worn on the left or right shoulder. It has the capacity of approx. 15L and comes with a lockable main compartment for secure transport of electronics and valuables, dedicated padded tablet compartment and a loop-lined rear CCW compartment which can be quickly reached by unclipping the stabiliser strap and swinging the pack to the front of the body. Furthermore, there is a custom moulded semi-rigid EVA pocket with fleece lining for storing sunglasses or fragile items, admin compartment at the lower front – great for frequently used items, and a Laser cut ATLAS Attachment Lattice System for extra attachments.

To ensure comfortable carry, Edgepeak was equipped with a reinforced padded shoulder strap with swivelling stabiliser, robust top grab handle and breathable padded back. Compact yet big enough to take what you need throughout the day, Edgepeak will be your greatest travel companion.

Maxpedition Valence Sling Bag

ADVANCED GEAR The Valence is a CCW tech sling pack with an adjustable strap for right or left side carry. It has approx. 10L capacity and comes with a padded main compartment with a clamshell opening, lockable zipper sliders, double access padded 13″ laptop/tablet compartment and a large mesh pocket. There is also a fully loop-lined rear CCW compartment with a 2-way access, also great to store important items (i.e., a wallet or passport) and travel documents, and frontal compartment with a selection of organiser pockets to fit pens, flashlight, charger, sunglasses case, or even a small water bottle. The shoulder strap is comfortable and robust, made of a skin-friendly seatbelt webbing. What is more this compact urban laptop/tablet bag can also be easily changed from a sling bag to a shoulder bag.

It’s worth adding that Maxpedition uses lightweight 500-Denier Hex Ripstop and 1000-Denier ballistic nylon fabrics in all its Advanced Gear Research products, with extra water resistant triple polyurethane coating and Teflon fabric protector for dirt resistance and easy maintenance. Also here you’ll find only genuine high strength YKK zippers and zipper tracks, glove-friendly zipper pulls, high tensile strength nylon webbing and thread, and silent UTX-Duraflex nylon buckles for maximum tactical effectiveness.

Further, all internal seams are taped and finished and stress points double stitched, bartacked or “Box-and-X” stitched for added strength. All those small details only add value to already excellent fit and finish of bags and MOLLE backpacks that are undoubtedly made to last a lifetime of hard use.

Maxpedtion Advanced Gear Research gear is available in three classic colours (Black, Tan and Grey) that not only look great but also perfectly blends into the crowd. We hope you’ve enjoyed our presentation. These three products are definitely worth a closer look, so why not to check them out on our website?

Moreover, at the moment you can take advantage of our current promotion: Maxpedition Sale! Until 20 July we give 10% discount on all Maxpedition bags (except for those already discounted) with code: MAXGEAR17. Don’t hesitate – you can save big on those famous Versipacks and Gearslingers you always wanted.More info Click Here…


Color of your Leather Jacket

How to Restore the Color of your Leather Jacket: Read out These Simple Steps

restore leather

Color of your Leather Jacket

Color of your Leather Jacket So, your leather jacket has faded, and it doesn’t look that much stylish as it was used to be. Normally, the edges of seams, pockets, sleeves and shoulders fade out, and to be honest; it’s one of the ugliest things you can experience.

The Good News!!!

Color of your Leather Jacket You can restore the color of your leather jacket easily at home using some simple ingredients. When the color of your leather jacket wears off, it reveals the off-white or grayish color underneath it. In this exclusive guide, we’ll tell you how you can conceal this area and protect your jacket from any further damage.

Well, being an enthusiastic hoarder of leather jackets, I do have a couple of them with faded colors and tried a DIY solution that I will be sharing in a few moments. In case you are thinking the traditional methods of using a shoe polish or that typical black magic marker, I won’t be using any of those cheap tricks. They spoil the natural look of your jacket.

Here goes my brilliant guide!

Restoring the Color of Leather Jacket

leather jacket

Color of your Leather Jacket Before we hook up with the method, let’s gather up a few thing we need. You can easily find a variety of these items from the market easily. It is necessary to work with the right supplies because we need to maintain the natural look of your leather and prevent the leather from spoiling any further.

Go through this checklist!

  • Firstly check the description of your leather jacket.
  • Buy a Cleaner that cleans dirt, oils, remove stains and prepares the leather for restoration.
  • A colorant that will help to repair the discolorations and also restore the color.
  • A conditioner that restores the shine soften the leather and improves its texture.
  • Finally, we need a protection agent that protects the cracking, makes the leather waterproof and extends its life.

In addition to the core supplies, also grab a pair of latex gloves, paper towels, and one or two small sponges. For the conditioner, check the description of your leather jacket. A few jackets mention the protection agent that would be perfect.

Using Leather Cleaner

Firstly we have to prepare the leather jacket. To do this, take a sponge or towel and use your cleaner on its surface thoroughly. In case the jacket has a stain or oil, then target those spots first. Normally the cleaner is used all over the jacket.

Restoring the Color

restore leather

For this, you may need to hang the jacket for a while. Firstly apply the colorant and then the textured conditioner. After that take the protection agent and gently apply it. If you think that the color and texture alone are suitable, the colorant and the conditioner won’t be necessary at all. All you need is the protection agent.

Working with the Colorant

Finally, you to apply the selected dye using a sponge to the faded areas. After that move on to the other areas. A single coat would suffice, but if the jacket is old or heavily worn, go for two or three coats for saturating it completely. Before you apply the dye again, allow your jacket to dry. It is usually mentioned on the labeling of the colorant.

Using Conditioner

The conditioner will help to restore the softness and appearance of your faded leather jacket. You can pair it with a gloss finish. For applying the conditioner, use a sponge and then allow it to dry overnight. Better apply 2 or 3 coats before you finally hang your leather jacket for drying.

Protecting Agent

Finally, we’ll use the protecting agent. This helps to preserve the leather, and it comes in the form of creams, sprays, and liquids. For cream agents, use a small amount on the sponge and then gently apply it on the jacket in circular motions. For sprays evenly apply on the jack. Liquids should be applied in the same manner as cream agents. Don’t use too much of the protecting agent!

So, that’s all! Hope the guide was helpful. One thing to ensure that don’t use too much of any ingredient; else it may spoil your leather jacket. Keep it gentle and gradual.more info Visit our Site Click Here…

Color of your Leather Jacket




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BEST LEATHER JACKETS 1 of 20|Saint Laurent|Leather biker jacket – AU$9,595 – BUY


BEST LEATHER JACKETS Made cool in the Fifties by Brando, McQueen and James Dean, the leather jacket has since sustained a long lasting covenant with the modern man – seeing him through the proceeding decades effortlessly, with only a slight shoulder-pad, acid-wash glitch in the Eighties.

That said, the last ten years have been good to the leather jacket, smoothing any incongruous fit and colour issues, so now men have a plethora of leather options from the most fashionable luxury brands.

Not going hell for leather just quite yet, click through the slideshow for the 20 best leather jackets in 2015. Then read on for tips on wearing the ferociously soft, animal skin.


BEST LEATHER JACKETS The key to buying a leather jacket is finding a type that already rides well with your personal style – don’t be somebody you’re not.

BEST LEATHER JACKETS Then, nail the fit (think slim and flat to the body), before selecting the leather type (calf, cow, lamb or goat) and a neutral colour. Honing in on the finer details the final step to personalisation, selecting how many zips, buttons and metal things you want – or none at all, if you prefer.



Bomber, biker or racer — place your leather bets

Leather jackets require confidence. Celebrities and rockstars wear them to stand-out and make a grungy style statement. BEST LEATHER JACKETS That said, you can find a clean-cut, more demure type. Knowing your personal style is important, helping you decide what jacket style is most appropriate.

Leather jacket styles are defined by length, the way it closes or zips (and just how much hardware it boasts) and the collar. There are generally three types: the ‘bomber’, the ‘biker’ and the ‘racer’.

Bombs Away

The bomber is the most casual looking. Recognised by its waist-length, the jacket is made from soft leather, which tends to be more malleable giving it a relaxed look. The jacket has contrast trim (sometimes in contrast colour and fabric), which usually mixes up the waist and sleeve cuffs for a succinct fit. Hardware in minimal, with solely a symmetrical zip up the front, with functional kangaroo-pouch side pockets – or without.

Biker Boss

The biker (think Marlon Brando) boasts large lapels and a flared collar, that can be snapped down for extra security. Packed with metallic hardware (studs, plugs and zips), the front zipper is normally asymmetrical, allowing the wider side to fold in underneath its partner.


The racer is the most standard looking despite its motocross-look. They are streamlined jackets with a little collar that snaps shut, or can be without a collar at all. Straight zipped, they aren’t lined with plush fabric and have no lapels or extra hardware to flash things up.



Fit is everything, after a quality leather finish

The fit of the leather jacket – like a suit – is paramount. But unlike an imperfectly fitting jacket or blazer, leather jackets can’t be altered easily and it’s expensive. So what should you look for? The jacket should sit cling to the contours of the body, with shoulders cutting sharp and square on the shoulder – like a blazer.

A leather jacket isn’t really designed for wearing over bulk layers – more a fine-gauge sweater or tee – so buy the smallest size that fits, allowing for a bit of stretch to occur. Your arms should be able to move freely, however, and not feel tight and uncomfortable.

Length the sleeves should skim the the wrist and hem bottom should cut at the belt line.

The skinny guy should opt for a tight or elasticated waistband, tapering the body section and accentuating the shoulders. The larger gent should go for a straight cut – avoiding anything that will cling to lumps and bumps. Same rule applies for muscles, gym junkie.

In summary, leather jackets are expensive – unless you’re more of a cheap guy, so play around with fit and brands. And try, before you buy.



Buffalo, lambskin and cowhide are the best for leather jackets

The type of leather or skin affects the coat’s function and feel. There is no perfect leather, with each carrying its own unique characteristics. In general, larger animals tend to have more durable, sturdy skins, while the smaller animals are known for softness and are more lightweight.

Then, there is the quality of skin, which also changes what the leather feels like to touch. This relates to the lifestyle of the animal before it was killed, the tanning or manufacturing process, and the final finish application.


Cowhide is the most common leather. It’s slightly cheaper and tougher and has a resilience to water and dirt like no other. It’s a great protector because of its thickness, but can take time to wear in. It comes mostly in a matte finish giving the jacket a more casual feel.


Similar to cowhide’s rugged feel and durability, bison skin differentiates itself with a natural graininess on the skin, which adds texture to the jacket and gives it a raw, earthy aesthetic.


Goatskin is a popular choice for most luxury brands, and is recognised for its pebbly grain. Goatskin is softer, lighter, and more flexible than cowhide. It’s durable and wears-in well, becoming more supple, and better-looking as the years roll on.


Lambskin is the most luxurious of leather for its softness, suppleness, and yamaha leathers. It has a luxurious texture and is quite versatile, creating a more chic leather jacket. It’s naturally very lightweight and creates a jacket that can be worn all year-round – whatever the season.


Leather Jackets Every Man

3 Leather Jackets Every Man Should Own

Best Leather Jackets for Men in 2015


Leather Jackets Every Man An effortlessly cool leather jacket is one of these staples that perfects looks in an classic, yet edgy manner and can be kept for years. Be it in classic black or a dusty brown, a stylish leather jacket is masculine adding texture and dimension to looks. A high quality leather jacket’s longevity in your sartorial repertoire is assured, so keep in mind classic biker styles for a timeless addition to your wardrobe or go for more bomber-esque leathers for a versatile addition to comfortable street looks.


1. Black Biker Jacket

The classic biker style leather jacket will see you through multiple seasons. The ultimate in cool leather jacket styles, a classic black biker jacket won’t date and can be reworked in a multitude of ways for easy, casual styling. For reference points think fifties, a la Marlon Brando in The Wild One and John Travolta’s styling in Grease. This style works best in black, particularly accompanying all black ensembles and for grounding lighter denims with a simple white tee. Opt for silver hardware to affirm a traditionalist approach to rocking classic leather jackets, or go for more contemporary all black jackets with woven detailing.


Black Biker JAcket



Nudie Jeans Ziggy Leather Biker Jacket
Religion Textured Leather Biker Jacket
Reclaimed Vintage Leather Biker Jacket
Replay Leather Biker Jacket Zip Detail


2. Brown Leather Jackets

Leather in authentic browns and dusty tans prove an excellent addition to Spring looks, annotating staples with a textured richness. Particularly complementary with whites, neutrals and warm tone hues, keep your aesthetic rich with leathers in bronzed tones for an unexpected accompaniment to casual looks. Great brown leather jackets will perfectly annotate neutral menswear, lending warmth and dimension by building on the base tones of such looks. Experiment with colour combinations and pair with brighter tones for a vibrant take on Spring and Summer styling.


Brown Leather Jackets



ASOS Leather Jacket with Chest Pocket
Barney's Leather Look Biker Jacket
Goosecraft Leather Biker Jacket In Brown
image1xxl.jpgASOS Faux Leather Biker Jacket In Brown

3. Bomber-Esque Leather Jackets

The relaxed dimensions of bomber-esque leather jackets will annotate looks with a comfortable ease. Simplify looks with the ktm leathers of leather for a simple, but cool addition to colourful looks. Harness this specific style of leather jackets by allowing its simplicity to ground brighter more vivid pieces. Incorporate these types of leather jackets with great denim, which will maintain a relaxed ease in looks which will register casual yet well put together.Click Here…

Leather Jackets Every Man

Shooting Footwear

Maintaining Shooting Footwear

Article Date: 17 August 2016 Posted in Footwear, News and Shooting

Shooting Footwear We get some wellie boots and hill boots returned to us with customers saying they are faulty as either rubber has perished or stitching or leather has cracked or failed. In the vast majority of cases the failure isn’t down to the product or it’s manufacture, it is down to lack of cleaning and care. You wouldn’t expect your car to continue running well without servicing it and the same can be said of your footwear which also needs to be “serviced” and looked after if you want your boots to last.

Shooting Footwear In terms of maintaining your wellington boots there is not much that you will need to do in order to keep the rubber in good condition and it doesn’t take long to do.
Dirt and organic matter will rot any material over time and, this is particularly the case with rubber. An added problem for wellingtons is that manure of any sort contains acids that literally eat away at the rubber. Here’s some tips and tricks to cleaning your boots in a matter of minutes;

1.    Rinse your wellies with clean water from an outside tap for example.
2.    If there is any persistent dirt then use a wet cloth and apply some soap to it to brush off any excess dirt and perhaps a firm brush to clean the bottom of your wellies.
3.    Once dirt is removed, dry boots with a towel or let them drip dry in a cool, airy place.
4.    When boots are fully dry, any remaining dirt can be removed with a dusting cloth.
5.    In the unlikely event that you are putting your wellies away for a prolonged period of time (certainly the case in the UK!) then make sure you put them somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight which will otherwise perish the rubber of your wellies.
6.    The outside of your wellies should now be dry and clean but the insides could easily remain damp as your feet will have been sweating inside them. To help prevent odours building up, it is worth making sure that the insides are nice and dry too by using something like the Harkila Boot Dryer.
7.    It is always worth treating the rubber with some rubbercare products such as:-

a.    Harkila rubber care
b.    Hunter boot shine
c.    Hunter Rubber Buffer

A lot of boots used particularly for shooting are made of leather. The same issues apply to them in terms of dirt, organic matter and rot so the same rules apply as above in terms of cleaning although a damp sponge/cloth is far better than the tap as you don’t want to soak the leather whilst getting the mud off. Never leave your leather boots to dry off next to a direct source of heat as the leather can shrink and crack….let them dry naturally.

The main difference is that leather needs feeding to keep it supple and flexible. Thus, in order to keep the leather in good condition and prevent in from cracking, there are various products that you can use such as;

  1. Harkila Mink Oil Leather Care – waterproofs and protects all types of smooth leather.
  2. Harkila Nubuck/Suede care and Waterproofer – spray on protective layer to use once your boots are clean.
  3. Laksen All Natural Leather Care – easy to apply with the sponge supplied

If you would like to seek more advice on shooting, head to our experts page for more information. More info Click Here…

Shooting Footwear

the shooting season

Getting ready for the shooting season

Article Date: 25 August 2016 Posted in Anthony Stodart, Experts, News and Shooting

the shooting season ArdMoor’s Managing Director and outdoor expert, Anthony Stodart, gives us his top tips for prepping your shooting clothing and kit so that it’s ready for action this season.

the shooting season We like to think that preparing for the coming season is all part of building the anticipation of what’s to come. Thus we thought we would share some pointers to help you be prepared and to save any last minute panics.

The shooting clothing and kit

the shooting season It sounds simple but it is likely that you might not have worn your shooting breeks or jacket since your last day’s shooting at the end of last season. Whilst you might think that you are still the same size, it is worth trying on all your shooting kit to make sure it still fits! In doing so you might recall that there was something you wanted to get fixed or replaced before this season starts giving you plenty of time to still do so.

Likewise there are invariably things that get put away at the end of last season that you are going to need. In the meantime, they could easily have been used or “borrowed” by the next generation and not returned to their “safe place”! Thus, make sure that your cap, gloves, boots, boot bag, boot socks (if you use them), ear defenders, glasses and hip flask are all where you expect them to be.

You could (and should) have removed the batteries from your ear defenders. Worth checking that you have some new ones and that they still work. Your hip flask could also probably do with a clean out!

The gun and accessories

You might not have used your gun for some time. Like any sport, it is worth warming up those muscles in preparation for the season so get your gun out of the safe and practice your mount to remind your muscles what it feels like to get your gun into the right place again.

Your gun will have been well oiled when it was put away at the end of the season but, whilst you have it out for your warm up, give it a further clean to remove excess oil and make sure everything is in good working order. Use snap caps to protect your firing pins whilst checking they still work. Whilst cleaning it, make sure you have plenty of oil etc for the season.

Have you got the cartridges you are going to need? Particularly relevant if you use a different load for early season partridges to what you might have used for the late season high pheasant. Have you also got non-lead shot for any wildfowling or duck flighting?

Check your cartridge belt and bag have “wintered” well. They will hopefully have been cleaned and “fed” at the end of last season if they are leather and, if they are, then worth giving them another dose of a leather treatment such as Harkila Leather Cream or Laksen All Natural to make sure they remain supple and are in a good state for the start of the season.

The gun dog

Aside from your own muscle memory, your dog might not have retrieved anything for 7 or 8 months and, despite being supremely well trained, that training can be forgotten and that selective deafness can return with a vengeance on the first day of the season! It is well worthwhile refreshing their training and honing their skills to save embarrassment and to protect your voice! Worth also looking out their towel and travel bed etc so that they are also to hand.

You should now be all set for the coming season and we hope you have many great days out in our fantastic countryside. Needless to say, should you discover you need any replacement kit then look no further than our shooting collection. 

the shooting season

Shooting Suit

Our expert Headkeeper tests the Baleno Derby Shooting Suit

Shooting Suit Graham White – Headkeeper at Holylee Estate, Walkerburn put the Baleno Derby Jacket & Trousers to test over the last shooting season in the rugged, undulating terrain of the Scottish Borders.

Shooting Suit The Baleno Derby Jacket and Trousers combination promises to offer a smart shooting suit without compromising on durability. With a soft, lightweight yet completely noiseless and waterproof fabric, it’s ideal for everyday use outdoors.
Shooting Suit

What was the Baleno Derby Shooting Suit used for?

I start every day early, as I’m up with my dogs getting them ready for the day ahead. I spend most of my day outdoors in all weathers and every day is different from the day before. This means that when it comes to kit, I need a jacket and trousers that are tough enough to keep me warm, dry and protected in all conditions – whether I’m running a shoot day, out feeding my birds, walking in the outside coverts or on the quad bike at the top of the hill.

Good Points?

Graham White Baleno Derby Product Review

This shooting suit feels very lightweight, it’s noiseless and allows me to move around freely without any restrictions. Both jacket and trousers are very comfortable to wear all day and have kept me completely dry without causing me to sweat up when I’m active and working hard. They have lasted really well and have certainly been put to the test in some of the most extreme conditions this winter.

As Headkeeper at Holylee, I am often the first point of contact with visitors so it’s great having a shooting jacket & trousers that look smart as well as being tough enough to match the job in hand. Knowing I’m going to stay dry whatever the conditions is essential in my line of work and these definitely tick that box.

Bad Points?

The only slight downside is that the articulated knees on the trousers are a little tight if you have well-built legs and are kneeling or sitting down.

To see more expert advice, guides and news from Graham and the Holylee estate, please visit his profile.

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Baleno Derby Jacket

Baleno Derby Jacket


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Baleno Derby Trousers

Baleno Derby Trousers

Made from tough, durable and soft to touch fabric
Windproof, waterproof and breathable
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Shooting Suit