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Choose a Shooting Jacket

Choose a Shooting Jacket

How to Choose a Shooting Jacket

There is enormous choice in the range of Choose a Shooting Jacket men’s shooting jackets. Our guide helps you choose the best shooting jacket for your needs.

Choose a Shooting Jacket

What to Look For in a Shooting Jacket

Choose a Shooting Jacket There are 3 critical factors to consider when choosing a shooting jacket: weatherproofingcut and weight.


Choose a Shooting Jacket Good waterproofing is essential. And breathablity so that moisture created by the body inside the jacket can evaporate. Good jackets use GoreTex waterproofing. Innovative performance fabrics Meryl®, Cordura® and Polartec® can be used in conjunction with GoreTex to offer additional durability and warmth.

Weatherproofing Features

The following features offer additional weatherproofing protection:

  • Storm front zip.
  • Storm collar.
  • Storm cuffs.
  • Removable hood.


A well cut shooting jackets means:

  • Freedom of movement across the shoulders,
  • Storm cuffs or sleeves that don’t shorten when shooting,
  • Bellow cartridge pockets with retaining clips for rapid reloading.
  • Room for layering, particularly when wearing lightweight shooting jackets.


In an ideal world the type of shooting should determine the weight. For the ‘standing gun’, warmth is the key priority. For the ‘walking gun’ a lightweight jacket is more important.

The Best Shooting Jackets for Men

Taking into account the above factors the best jackets are:

Best Shooting Jacket for the Standing Gun

Choose a Shooting Jacket

Schoffel Ptarmigan Tweed Coat

The Schoffel Ptarmigan Tweed Coat combines warmth and traditional style with high performing Gore Tex and an impressive range of additional features.

Best Shooting Jacket for the Walking Gun

Choose a Shooting Jacket

Schoffel Ptarmigan Ultralight Coat

An ultralight, breathable shooting jacket using GoreTex and innovative Meryl® technology. 100% water and windproof, featuring all essential and additional features a sportsman could want.

Best Shooting Jacket for Mixed Standing and Walking Gun

Choose a Shooting Jacket

Musto Whisper Jacket

The best of both worlds. Warm, water and windproof. Excellent GoreTex. weather protection, superb features and optimum noise reduction.

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Choose a Shooting Jacket

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