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Festival of Hunting

Festival of Hunting

The Festival of Hunting – 2016

The Festival of Hunting 2016

This was our first trip this far north and our first time at this event.

Our adventure started with the long journey up country from our ‘middle-of-nowhere’ spot in North Devon.
This was made much more exciting by a tyre blowing out on the M4 which resulted in a sweaty afternoon at the roadside being eaten by flying ants whilst a rather red faced RAC man huffed and puffed a lot!

Eventually we arrived at the showground and did our best to set up the HV stand in the sweltering heat.
(It would have been rude not to take a refreshment stop every half hour!)


We spent a very warm night in the camper van, disturbed only by some keen folk throwing tent poles around at 5a.m.

The morning of the show was bright and sunny and from the lovely shadey spot in our stand we had a sneaky view of the competiton ring to our left – which provided the excitement
of the Inter-Hunt Relay, followed by some brilliant Pony Club rivalry. To our front were a couple of the hound rings.

Its a shame that whilst selling at these events you only really get a few moments to have a nose around and see what is going on a bit further afield and (even worse) miss out on that all important shopping!

It seemed like a great day of competition and also seemed well supported.

All in all, everyone at HV had a great time. We met some lovely folk who visited the stand and despite the 565 mile round trip and a very badly behaved card machine, we are looking forward to next year! More excited websites Visit Click Here

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Festival of Hunting

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