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Color of your Leather Jacket

Color of your Leather Jacket

How to Restore the Color of your Leather Jacket: Read out These Simple Steps

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Color of your Leather Jacket

Color of your Leather Jacket So, your leather jacket has faded, and it doesn’t look that much stylish as it was used to be. Normally, the edges of seams, pockets, sleeves and shoulders fade out, and to be honest; it’s one of the ugliest things you can experience.

The Good News!!!

Color of your Leather Jacket You can restore the color of your leather jacket easily at home using some simple ingredients. When the color of your leather jacket wears off, it reveals the off-white or grayish color underneath it. In this exclusive guide, we’ll tell you how you can conceal this area and protect your jacket from any further damage.

Well, being an enthusiastic hoarder of leather jackets, I do have a couple of them with faded colors and tried a DIY solution that I will be sharing in a few moments. In case you are thinking the traditional methods of using a shoe polish or that typical black magic marker, I won’t be using any of those cheap tricks. They spoil the natural look of your jacket.

Here goes my brilliant guide!

Restoring the Color of Leather Jacket

leather jacket

Color of your Leather Jacket Before we hook up with the method, let’s gather up a few thing we need. You can easily find a variety of these items from the market easily. It is necessary to work with the right supplies because we need to maintain the natural look of your leather and prevent the leather from spoiling any further.

Go through this checklist!

  • Firstly check the description of your leather jacket.
  • Buy a Cleaner that cleans dirt, oils, remove stains and prepares the leather for restoration.
  • A colorant that will help to repair the discolorations and also restore the color.
  • A conditioner that restores the shine soften the leather and improves its texture.
  • Finally, we need a protection agent that protects the cracking, makes the leather waterproof and extends its life.

In addition to the core supplies, also grab a pair of latex gloves, paper towels, and one or two small sponges. For the conditioner, check the description of your leather jacket. A few jackets mention the protection agent that would be perfect.

Using Leather Cleaner

Firstly we have to prepare the leather jacket. To do this, take a sponge or towel and use your cleaner on its surface thoroughly. In case the jacket has a stain or oil, then target those spots first. Normally the cleaner is used all over the jacket.

Restoring the Color

restore leather

For this, you may need to hang the jacket for a while. Firstly apply the colorant and then the textured conditioner. After that take the protection agent and gently apply it. If you think that the color and texture alone are suitable, the colorant and the conditioner won’t be necessary at all. All you need is the protection agent.

Working with the Colorant

Finally, you to apply the selected dye using a sponge to the faded areas. After that move on to the other areas. A single coat would suffice, but if the jacket is old or heavily worn, go for two or three coats for saturating it completely. Before you apply the dye again, allow your jacket to dry. It is usually mentioned on the labeling of the colorant.

Using Conditioner

The conditioner will help to restore the softness and appearance of your faded leather jacket. You can pair it with a gloss finish. For applying the conditioner, use a sponge and then allow it to dry overnight. Better apply 2 or 3 coats before you finally hang your leather jacket for drying.

Protecting Agent

Finally, we’ll use the protecting agent. This helps to preserve the leather, and it comes in the form of creams, sprays, and liquids. For cream agents, use a small amount on the sponge and then gently apply it on the jacket in circular motions. For sprays evenly apply on the jack. Liquids should be applied in the same manner as cream agents. Don’t use too much of the protecting agent!

So, that’s all! Hope the guide was helpful. One thing to ensure that don’t use too much of any ingredient; else it may spoil your leather jacket. Keep it gentle and gradual.more info Visit our Site Click Here…

Color of your Leather Jacket

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