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something you’re passionate

something you’re passionate

Do something you’re passionate about

something you’re passionatesomething you’re passionate I started working at this bar owned by the parents of the girl I was dating (my future wife). Then I went to work for a company that sold these huge air compressors for manufacturers in Silicon Valley. I did that for a year and a half. I was good at it and I realized that I liked sales. After that, I got into commercial real estate and after that, I bought a couple of franchises for investment purposes, built them up, and eventually sold them. During that process, I realized pretty quickly and urgently that I wanted to do something I felt passionate about, versus just doing something to make money. That was a big turning point for me.

It was a great experience. I learned how to be an entrepreneur, I learned that owning my own business was satisfying. I learned that making money was fine and good, but more importantly I learned that I needed to do something that I felt strongly about, like hunting for example.

Too inconvenient to hunt in just a day

About a year after my football career ended, I drew a tag in eastern California in this area where neither my dad nor I had hunted before. We met up there opening weekend. We hunted together over the weekend and found a group of bucks living far enough away from the truck that it was just too inconvenient to hunt in a day. So I went and got my backpack and my sleeping bag and packed some food and backpacked in by myself for about four days. And I killed a really big buck. And that was it. I was reminded all over again that backpack hunting was right for me. Not long after that I was hunting deer in Nevada and elk in Idaho, and right back at it.

About eight years later, I was on a hunt in Idaho with a friend of mine, Jonathan Hart. Around this time, I was starting to really struggle every Monday morning because my heart just wasn’t into my work anymore. We were about 15 miles in. The terrain was rough and the weather was pretty bad, so we naturally got to talking about a technical layering system designed specifically for hunting. We started talking about what we were wearing, what worked, what didn’t, what was missing, what was unnecessary. We were wearing a pretty random and eclectic mix of outdoor clothing and hunting gear. There was some Patagonia capilene, some Cabella’s micro-tech shirts and pants and Jonathon was wearing a cotton and poly camo baselayer. We talked about technical fabrics and features and different camos like Predator. I liked Predator; I liked the way it looked and the way the lights and darks worked to help you disappear in the timber.

The more we talked, the more we saw a real opportunity, and by the end of four days, we had a fairly well thought out plan for a line of technical clothing based on a complete layering system. We came back enthused, but with no real idea how to get started. So we sat down together a few times and continued to talk about it. Then we’d get on the phone and talk about it some more. One thing led to another and the holidays came and went and we still hadn’t made any real progress. Until when six months later one Monday I thought to myself, okay that’s it-I’m over this. I’m going to sell my business and start a hunting clothing company. It was early summer in 2005. More info Click Here…

something you’re passionate

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