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How To Fit A Davida Helmet


A DAVIDA HELMET Davida helmets are designed to be as close a fit as humanly possible and as a result we find a lot of people can’t actually get them on their heads in the first place! This isn’t due to sizing, there is a particular way to put these helmets on so you’re ears aren’t going to get squashed which we will detail below. It is good practice to put all open face lids on this way as you’ll get it on your head the right way first time instead of reaching in to pull back bent ears etc.

Davida helmets are designed to be one of the best fitting open face helmets on the market with a high level of comfort, superb noise reduction and to prevent lifting at speed. The inner lining and shell have been designed to follow the contours of your head so the side of the helmet is narrower just below the ears than at the temples ensuring a good close fit. This means the helmet is narrower at the point where you first put your head so you must pull the shell apart to ‘open’ the helmet to allow enough room to slide your head in. Hold the D rings in one hand and the chin strap in the other and pull your hands apart so the shell physically flexes and pulls apart (see image above). These helmets are designed to withstand a lot so you’re not going to break it! Keep tension when you do this so keeping the shell at its ‘open’ position and you’re ready to put it on.

Opening the shell of a Davida helmet

Once the shell has been ‘opened’ then you’re ready to put the helmet on. Hold the helmet below your chin and ‘dip’ your head into it, maintaining tension to keep the shell open and roll the helmet onto your head so that your ears stay flat against your head. Make sure you maintain the tension on the chin strap until the the helmet is properly on your head or you’ll have to start all over again. Once it’s on you can rotate it so that the front edge sits just above your eyebrows.

Putting on a Davida helmet

To take a Davida helmet off it’s just basically the reverse of putting it on. Grab the D rings in one hand and the chin strap in the other and pull them apart just like before. Maintaining the tension, just simply roll the helmet off your head (the reverse of putting it on). Due to the exceptional snug close fitting of these helmets it may take you a few attempts to successfully get it on and off without hurting or bending your ears so don’t give up! We have a lot of customers who try these on in our store and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to try and fit one they move on to another helmet brand. Our advice is to persevere as Davida helmets are one of the best open face lids you can get and anyone who wears one will tell you how great they are in terms of fitting and quality. Click Here…

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