Published on Aug 1, 2017

Every year we have to shoot photos and video our top riders for our upcoming season. Due to their heavy schedules, we usually end up shooting each rider by themselves. This year we assembled all of our available riders in one location at one time. Having this many bad dudes in one spot usually only happens on race day.

This time: no opening ceremonies, no racing, no motos, no training; it was time to have fun riding dirt bikes. Shooting photos for an entire catalog and a full video in one day is a tremendous task; but in between all of the chaos, the crew would stop and reflect on the how special it was to have this roster in such an amazing spot. It was a surreal day for everyone involved. It’s only fitting the place is called Dreamland.

Directed by:
Ricki Bedenbaugh

Filmed by:
Cassidy Tillemans
Ricki Bedenbaugh
Littleton Carter
Dieter Humpsch

Edited by:
Cassidy Tillemans

Motion Design:
Blaine Birardi

Suns Of Huns
“Horror in Clay”
Banishment Ritual
Riding Easy Records

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