Halloween Villains Costumes

Top Halloween Villains Costumes of All Times

Halloween Villain Costumes

Halloween Villains Costumes As Halloween is reaching bit by bit, it is easier to choose within the Halloween Villain Costumes as it would fit perfectly into Halloween description and this unfold category before the dawn of all Hallows event. There are so many different types of villainous costume which you can choose from, some of them are discussed below with their costume guide.


Suicide Squad Joker Costume

Suicide Squad Joker Costume

The Joker is a character which has been famous for at least two decades, although the most favorite ones were from The Dark Knight and Suicide Squad having in a romantic relationship with his doctor Harley Quinn, originally known as Dr. Harleen Quinton, became his naughty girlfriend to uplift his new identity and also become a kind of clown herself.


Bane Costume

Bane Costume

Bane is one of the crazy vindicated plus scary masked characters in the film suicide squad, alongside others like DeadShot and Boomerang who are trying to control the game in such a perfect villainous way. This kind of costume is suitable for Halloween, which is next in line of awesomeness.


deadshot costume

Deadshot Costume

DeadShot is one of the interesting characters from the film suicide squad, that will make you feel like a touching soul from within. As he has a leading quality and relatable role to bring down the common enemy, not alone but with a little help from a bunch of former criminals.

Reverse Flash

Reverse Flash

Flash Costume

Reverse Flash is assuming the identity of the original Flash role-play, as he has a similar kind of costume but he is not a heartily one, he is a perfect villain. Such a tainted criminal who wants to put the name of the Flash to blame while some might get confused to feel the difference.

Red Skull

Red Skull Costume

Red Skull Costume

Red Skull is the a better villain than any other as he is a great dangerous face like a red, deadly skull, although so much alive. He has a stunning trench coat while other familiarities of accessory has a perfect appeal.

 Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn has such a seductive costume that girls love but boys adore. With her satin fabric jacket and shorts are appealing like a candy, makes me reminded of a song “I Want a Candy”. Harley keeps a weapon of choice as, to drop down anyone in her way with her baseball bat or bang you before you know it.

Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang Costume

Captain Boomerang Costume

Captain Boomerang is a flamboyant character of the Suicide Squad who is known for his classical coat. He is so attached to his Unicorn toy that he carries it everywhere including when he and the entire Suicide Squad is under the threat

With Halloween Villain Costumes just a couple of weeks away, I believe this was helpful to you in choosing your Halloween costume, for your night out, wearing astonishing costumes as either, Captain Boomerang, DeadShot, Bane or Harley Quinn, whichever is your favorite you can go for with it.

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