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Retro Style MX Jerseys from 250 London


If you ride dirt track, speedway, motocross, or even green lanes you’re probably familiar, and possibly even bored with the style of most motocross jerseys. Do not worry though, here is something else altogether from 250 London. They are a relatively new company based in London making a big impact in the world of motocross and BMX. Their jerseys stand out whether you’re on a starting grid or a green lane and as a result they’ve been winning over a lot of people. They take their inspiration from the classic days of motocross in the ’60s and ’70s and this is very much reflected in the style of their jerseys which tastefully blend the modern and the retro styles.

A rider wearing his 250London jersey

There’s plenty of options for those that want a little (or a lot) of colour, as well as more subtle designs for those looking for a little less impact but just as much style. The jerseys come in either a V-neck or a crew neck depending on the style, and some, such as the Chequer Black / White (above) are made from Airtex to keep you cool if you’re lucky enough to be riding in warmer climes than us! They are comfortable to wear either by themselves or over pads or a base layer. The sizing is fairly standard and predictable, though it is also common to opt for one size larger than normal if you are looking to accommodate pads or other layers. My ‘Arcade Orange’ from 2016’s range hasn’t seen much dirt over this particularly chilly winter but it’s a good fit and comfortable and I’m looking forward to wearing it in a bit more, and I’m also now considering adding a ‘Scatter Bolt’ to my wardrobe.

A motocross rider in a 250London jersey

If you’ve been following the custom bike scene for the last few years you’ve probably at some point had the desire to have a crack at some flat tracking, especially if you’ve ever flicked through a copy of Sideburn and these jerseys are the perfect garment to look great in while you do it. For £49.00 you probably won’t be getting letters from the bank and you could easily spend more on something less stylish. Equally, if you’ve been riding dirt for longer and you’ve tired of the more commonplace MX jersey designs, this is the perfect way to refresh your ensemble and you could complete the classic motocross or tracker look with a Bell Moto 3 Helmet – available in a number of great colours and designs that can easily be matched to your jersey of choice. 250 London Jerseys are available to buy now. Click Here…

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