New Movie Jackets

Upcoming New Movie Jackets

 New Movie Jackets

New Movie Jackets Hi, we are in the process of uploading new movie jackets to our collection from some of the blockbuster flicks of 2012.

  1. Bane Coat from the Dark Knight Rises – Amazing cowhide distressed leather coat with faux sheer lining.  Available in distressed brown cowhide, chocolate brown cowhide, black cowhide and beige faux PU leather.
  2. Killing Them Softly – Beautiful black sheepskin leather jacket with buttons down the front and 2 coat pockets around the waist.  The movie Killing them Softly stars Brad Pitt.
  3. Mass Effect N7 – Black cowhide leather jacket, with red stripes, from the video game Mass Effect.
  4. Captain America – The First Avenger 2011 – Red, white and blue buffalo leather jacket, available with padding.  This is a beautiful, tough, sturdy jacket.
  5. Captain America – The Avengers Assembled 2012 – Red, white and blue buffalo leather jacket with padding.  This is an amazing biker jacket.  Buffalo leather is heavy, tough and sturdy.
  6. Max Payne – Amazing black cowhide leather jacket.  This is a big, warm jacket.
  7. Black Leather Vintage Trench Coat – Classic leather trench coat with a leather belt.  The coat is made from black sheepskin leather.
  8. Drive – White Satin Jacket with embroidered golden scorpion also available in black satin with a grey embroidered scorpion.
  9. Hawk eye’s Leather Vest – Buffalo leather vest with the same patch as in the movie Avengers Assembled.
  10. Bourne Legacy Leather Jacket – This is an exquisite black cowhide slim fit jacket.
  11. Captain America Brown Biker Jacket – The First Avengers 2011 – Chocolate brown cowhide leather jacket in a classic biker Brando style.
  12. Lethal Weapon Leather Jacket – Martin Riggs Mel Gibson –
  13. Taken 1 Black Leather Jacket –
  14. Taken 2 Black Leather Jacket –
  15. War of the Worlds Leather Jacket – Tom Cruise –
  16. Wall Street “Money Never Sleeps” Leather Jacket – Shia Labeouf –
  17. Blade Trinity Leather Long Coat – Wesley Snipes –
  18. Surrogates Distressed Brown Leather Jacket – Bruce Willis –
  19. Belted Rider Black Biker Cowhide Leather Jacket – Slim Fit –
  20. The Other Guys Black Cowhide Leather Jacket – Mark Wahlberg –
  21. Life On Mars Leather Jacket – Sam Tyler –
  22. Resident Evil 6 Black Cowhide Leather Jacket – Leon Kennedy –Click Here…

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