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First Full Face Helmet from Hedon - The Heroine


THE HEROINE It’s almost here. You’ve dreamt about it’s conception, fantasised about it’s arrival and prayed to various motorcycle deities for it’s deliverance and now it is about to explode onto the scene like a motorcycle custom scene H-Bomb! Obviously the ‘H’ in this case stands for Hedon as they have blown us all away with the release of photos, model details and arrival updates about their long awaited brand new full-face helmet, ‘The Heroine’. I think we can all agree that it was worth the wait.

Straight away from the initial reveal of this traffic stopping lid, the new Heroine is everything we wanted it to be. A sleek, classic looking helmet which oozes style and quality from every angle. Bolstered by Hedon’s already fantastic rich range of colour variations (despite current pictures only displaying the helmet in Ash Grey, Gloss Black, Matte Black and their lusciously deep ‘shortlist’ blue), you know this helmet is going to be big.

Along with the premium lavish finish, Hedon have also delivered on the helmet’s hardware, with subtle venting along the top of the aperture and Hedon’s trademark customisable metal elements on the flip-up visor ratchet system which will have the same style variations as their previous helmets with copper, brass and gunmetal all being options.

However, as in many areas of life, good things come in threes, as the Heroine will have three distinct visor options to keep everyone happy. The standard flip-up visor will take centre stage but the helmet will also come come in either a visorless variant for those who enjoy the full-face and goggles combination (similar to the now infamous Biltwell Gringo) or a strapped visor/goggle variant where the helmet has a full visor connected via a thick goggle-styled strap that wraps around the back and allows the visor to be moved up and down or removed entirely if you wanted to just wear sunglasses and go for the Tom Cruise look.

Now for the important information. How much is it and give it to me. On both accounts we going to have to let you down a little as Hedon have yet to release an official price for one or any of the three styles of the Heroine and likewise the official delivery date has been said to be between a vague set of goals posts of somewhere before Christmas but possibly late January.  Minor details I’m sure though, as like every new product from Hedon before it, the (figurative) lines will be long and desires will be inflamed as the Heroine already had promises of being a highly sought after, must have piece of kit before it even went into production.

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