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Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are At Spartan Leathers, we are riders, making gear for riders. We love the sport, and we want everyone to be able to buy not only great motorcycle gear, but at an affordable price as well.

We will never cut corners, never use low quality materials, and never put profits over doing what is right. For us, it is not all about profit. Of course, a business has to make profit to stay in business, but we have no lofty goals of bathing in cash. As long as we make enough to pay the bills, we’re happy. That is why we include features like removable liners even in our least expensive riding suit offerings. Sure, we could remove some of these options and make a few bucks more profit. We could replace some kevlar stretch panels with cheap stretch material. We could even get a cheaper grade of leather that is on par with our competitors. But you don’t see that happening. Why? Because we care more about you, and how you fare in a crash than our bottom line.

Company Background

Spartan has been offering motorcycle apparel since 2008. We decided we did not like the options for custom leathers that were available, and decided we could do it better ourselves. I think we were right. Today we have a line of motorcycle leathers, motorcycle riding and racing gloves and textile riding gear any company would be proud to include in their portfolio of products.

About our Gear

Everything we make is crafted with the best materials available. All our motorcycle leathers are made from premium 1.4mm cowhide, supple and luxurious in its feel, even without break-in. Nearly every seam is triple stitched using our advanced seam construction technique, using Coats brand high strength bonded nylon thread. We double or triple layer the leather in impact areas to help prevent burn-through. Stretch panels throughout all our leathers are made with Schoeller Keprotec, a kevlar weave material. Heavy duty, large gauge metal YKK zips are used throughout. These features, as well as many others, add up to provide you with a set of motorcycle racing leathers that rivals the best built suits in the business, at any price.
Whether you are buying motorcycle leathers, motorcycle jackets, riding pants, racing gloves or textile gear, you cannot beat our value.

Message From the Owner

It is my goal for everyone who buys a Spartan suit to have the best possible experience, and own a product they can be proud of for years to come. If there is anything we can do to make your buying experience better, please contact me and let me know.
David Baumann

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