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Suede Finish

Suede Finish

Suede Finish style

Suede Finish A relatively new style of leather pants to enter the market is suede. Yes, some leather pants are made with both traditional leather and suede, the latter of which is typically applied as a finish over the former. The Suede Leather Jeans available here at LeatherCult, for instance, are part of the Suede Leather Collection. Featuring five pockets, they combine the benefits of both materials. The leather makes them durable, strong and somewhat elastic, while the suede makes them soft to the touch. So, if you want a truly unique style of leather pants, consider buying the Suede Leather Jeans offered here at LeatherCult.


How Will You Wear Them?

It’s a good idea to consider when and how you’ll be wearing your leather pants when choosing a pair. If you plan on wearing them outdoors, you should choose a style that’s particularly strong, durable and easy to move around in. If you plan on wearing them during winter, choose a thicker style for added warmth and protection from the cold. Or if you plan on wearing them during summer, choose a lighter, thinner style. Of course, this tip isn’t limited strictly to leather pants. When buying any new garment of clothing, it’s a good idea to consider when and how you’ll be wearing it. Doing so will help you choose the best possible garment for your needs.

Bright or Dark Colors?

Do you want leather pants in a bright color or dark color? One of the great things about leather pants is the near-limitless number of colors in which they are made. As you can see on our website, we offer leather pants in a wide variety of colors, some of which include black, dark blue, tan brown, dark brown, brown, soft oak, beige, lava red, castle green, coma gray, light pink, purple, bright green, bright orange, rubbed charcoal and more. With so many different colors, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the “perfect” one.

When choosing a color for your leather pants, think about what other garments and accessories you’ll be wearing it with. Black is an all-around great choice for leather pants, as it’s easy to match with other colors. However, there’s one color you shouldn’t wear in conjunction with black: brown. If you plan on wearing a brown top, you should choose leather pants in a different color (not black).


There are also leather pants designed to look and feel like leggings. Available exclusively here at LeatherCult, these leather leggings are designed with same high-end NAPA Leather as our other products. However, these aren’t your typical leather pants; they are made to look and feel like leggings. They hug closer to your body, creating a slim appearance. Leather leggings are also thinner and more elastic than traditional leather pants.

A new pair of leather pants is a smart investment that will offer you countless years of enjoyment and use — but only if you choose the right style. By following the tips listed here, you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect pair for your needs. Click Here….

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