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Best Hikes

Best Hikes

Best Hikes To Do In Britain This Summer

Best Hikes Our green and rainy country is home to some magnificent landscapes that make for great hiking locations. There is everything from coastal strolls to scrambles up mountains; British boots were definitely made for walking. This summer, get your own walking boots on and quality ladies and men’s country clothing from Fur Feather & Fin, and head out off on a hiking adventure at one of these locations.

Hadrian’s Wall Path

From the suburbs of Newcastle to the Solway Firth, one of Britain’s iconic Roman monuments doubles as a wonderful long-distance path, covering some 84 miles across northern England. There is some bracing and barren terrain to get across, and you may need to be a little creative to traverse some of the route. Along the way, there are also several excavated Roman forts to stop at, and you will be sympathetic to the Roman legions who had to walk the distance in a lot less comfort.

Go for a summer hike at amazing locations in Britain

Lizard Peninsula

As you walk along the coastal path of the Lizard Peninsula, you will see much of Britain’s most spectacular coastline. There are subtropical plants, hidden caves, exquisite coves and the beautiful sea. Though the Peninsula is just a small fraction of the six-hundred-odd-mile South West Coast Path, the variety of terrain you find there is so diverse you can experience all aspects of the south west coastline in just the one area.

Helvellyn, Lake District

Though it is not the highest peak in the Lake District, Helvellyn can take the spot as most romantic. The area is beloved by generations of walkers, and it is easy to see why it’s England’s most popular mountain. The summit is flat, yet the western mountain ridge named Striding Edge will cause even the most hardened hiker to use their hands to scramble up. But the effort it takes to reach the top is worth it, as you see the Lake District stretched out before you.

Go for a summer hike at amazing locations in Britain

Tryfan, Snowdonia

It may be a region of Wales that gets some of the heaviest rainfalls in Britain, but Snowdonia is hard to beat when it comes to hiking. The serrated, slate peaks accommodate for a range of abilities, but if you want to seek out something a little tougher, try Tryfan. The northern route to the peak is famous for sticking out like a fin, though it is a lot less intimidating than when you first see it. Once you reach the top and jump the five-foot gap between the Adam and Eve rocks, you will feel like a true hiker and mountaineer.Click Here…

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