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Buying Your First Gun

Buying Your First Gun

Top Tips for Buying Your First Gun

Buying Your First Gun Buying your first gun can be a little daunting, but also an interesting process that allows you to learn about them. It is advisable that you start looking at guns while you wait for your license to arrive, and many dealers will be happy to reserve a gun for you. You should also invest in a leather gunslip that you can keep your gun in when out in the field, protecting it from damage.

Man carrying his first shotgun

Where should you look?

The best place to start looking for your first gun is at a gun shop. You will be able to ask all the questions you want and benefit from the knowledge the dealer has. At a gun shop, you will also be able to have a gun fitted and see what improvements may be needed and find the right model based on budget and how much you plan on shooting. A dealer can also give you advice about the legal processes of gun ownership, how to keep and transport your gun and general gun ownership etiquette.

Second hand or brand new?

There are advantages of buying a second-hand gun and a new gun. If you choose to invest in a new gun, you are also receiving a guarantee from the manufacturer or importer, and in turn, have assurance the gun will have a good level of performance. Spare parts are likely to be easier to get a hold of, and you don’t have to worry about previous owners mishandling it. On the downside, a new gun is more expensive than a second hand one.

You are more likely to find a larger selection of guns that fit your budget if you buy second hand. A reputable dealer won’t sell you a bad gun, and it is illegal to sell unsafe guns. If you choose wisely, your gun can last well for a couple of years. The downside of a second-hand gun is you won’t get a guarantee from the manufacturer. It is best to avoid guns that are no longer being produced or imported, as it will be harder to find spare parts.

Be wary of buying privately

Don’t dismiss an offer of a private sale, as you could be getting a great offer. However, ask an experienced shooter to take a look at the gun, as they can check if the gun is safe and has good value. If you do buy a gun privately, make sure the seller holds a certificate and inform the police of your purchase.Click Here…

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