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Country Pursuits

Country Pursuits

Country Pursuits for the British Summer

Country Pursuits In the height of summer, before the shooting seasons starts again, it is always good to get outdoors and taking part in some fun traditional British country activities. Even if it is something you have never done before, you are never too old to try out a new hobby. There is so much you can do in Britain too, and all you need to get started on your countryside pursuits is some good quality country clothing, then you are all set! Country Pursuits

Horse riding

First off, find out about local opportunities for horse riding, there are sure to be a few to choose from, and start with some beginners’ rides. For those with a bit more experience and wanting to try something new, polo is fun to try. You can also get yourself a new polo belt to get you more excited for the sport. Taking a pleasurable ride along country lanes and through rolling countryside gives you a chance to explore in a relaxed way. You may enjoy it so much you want to carry on horse riding and make it a year-round hobby! Country Pursuits

Polo as a country pursuit in British summer


Country Pursuits Britain is home to thousands of birds, from regular garden birds and song birds to migratory birds and birds of prey. Prepared with some binoculars, all you need to do to enjoy some birdwatching is head out on a country walk or to a local nature reserve, and listen out for birds calling to one another. When you can locate the sounds, you are in with a chance with of spotting the bird. Get yourself a beginner’s guide to British birds and you will be on your way to starting a new birdwatching hobby! For more excited design visit our Site Click Here….

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