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Do research

Do research

Do research

Do research You will get more out of the experience if you do some research before stepping into a gun shop. Have a look online beforehand, to get an idea of budget and see what other first time buyers have said. If you want a gun in top condition, you are going to have to spend more, but you may be surprised your budget will give you more than expected.

The legal side of owning a gun is extremely important. A dealer can help you apply for a certificate if you have not yet started the process, and also help with any queries you may have. The process can sometimes take months, so be prepared well before the shooting season starts. Take a look at our guide on applying for a shotgun license.

Don’t rush into a purchase

There are many decisions to make when it comes to buying a gun; what kind of shooting will you be using it for? Do you want to buy a particular brand? When doing your research and preparation, be sure that you are certain about the gun, so you don’t jump into a sale or go ahead with a purchase that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Clothing and guns

When you are out buying clothes, you don’t try vest tops on top of a jumper, and the same principle applies to when you get your gun fitted. When getting you do get your gun fitted, wear the clothes you would when shooting; there is a big difference in fit when you are wearing shooting clothes compared to a light shirt.

Storing your gun

In addition to buying a shotgun, you also need to invest in a gun cabinet, so you have a safe and secure place to keep it legally. Gun cabinets also need to be lockable and have a constant climate to avoid dampness damaging the gun. Regularly check your cabinet throughout the year for any issues.Click Here…

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