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Game Shooting Abroad

Game Shooting Abroad

Best Locations for Game Shooting Abroad

Game Shooting Abroad Shooting abroad can raise a fair few questions, and it might not be something you have thought of doing, as the UK has ample shooting grounds and game to shoot. However, there are several places around Europe and further afield which are great shooting locations, and with Fur Feather & Fin’s shooting clothes, you will be well prepared for any eventuality.

Before you go

If you are planning to shoot abroad, in Spain for instance, you will need a European Hunting Licence. Contact your local firearms department for more information, and be prepared for more checks, similar to those carried out for your UK licence. Next, is taking a gun on a plane. Be sure to check the regulations for the place you are travelling to, and the rules for the airline with who you travel. Some do not allow you to take a gun.

The gun must be kept in a lockable case with two separate locks when you travel, and several forms will need to be filled out, both in the UK and your final destination. You will also need to bring your UK firearms licence and European Pass.

Where to go

There are several good places to go game shooting abroad, and these are some of the most popular locations.


Spain is well-known for its partridge shooting and is unlike any other driven shooting experience. Combine a great shoot with delicious tapas lunches served with local wines, and you will want to return year after year for Spain’s partridge shooting season. Many of the best estates in Salamanca and Ciudad Real offer fantastic shooting surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Shooting game like partridge abroad

Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary

These three countries in Central Europe are great locations for pheasant shooting, and the seasons can run to the end of February. Many big estates, such as the Rothschild Estate in the Czech Republic, offer the opportunity to shoot pheasant on several drives and have been doing so for many years. Even non-shooting guests can enjoy a culture trip to these countries, observing the shooting and other activities. The pheasant shooting to visitors is offered from mid-October, and in Hungary, there is also driven wild boar and deerstalking for the more adventurous shooters.Click Here…

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