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Northward Hill Kent

Northward Hill Kent

Northward Hill, Kent

Northward Hill Kent Among the trees of Northward Hill RSPB Reserve, there are over 100 pairs of grey herons and 93 pairs of egrets roosting. The reserve overlooks the Thames marshes, and there are several other marsh birds, waterfowl and birds of prey who have made their home there.

Photograph of grey heron wild in the UK

Isle of Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

The beautiful island off the west coast of Scotland has very impressive bird populations to photograph, including such as the white-tailed eagle and golden eagle. There are also animals to look out for such as otters, red deer and seals. Bird safaris are the best way for you to see the assortment of wildlife on the island.

Photograph of golden eagle wild in the UK

Photography tips

Capturing images of animals and birds can be tricky, especially if you have no experience doing it. Patience is the best asset for photographers, and on nature documentaries, you will often find that the photographers and filmmakers spend hours waiting for that perfect shot. Of course, you don’t always want to be waiting hours to capture wildlife on camera, but it is better to wait around in a good spot for a while at least. These tips should help you out when outdoors on the lookout for wildlife to take a photo of.

Photograph of otter wild in the UK

Background – The background is as important as the subject, and should complement but not compete with the animal. The background can conjure the weather, habitat or season. When the subject is bigger, like a starling cloud, keep your distance too.

Close-up – Opposite to getting the background, a close-up of the animal can also work. Keep the frame tight, and strip away the elements, which aren’t adding anything to the photograph, just concentrating on the interesting bits.

Photograph of red deer wild in the UK

Eyes – One of the best parts to focus on for close-ups are the eyes, and the eyes make the pictures more compelling. Be sure not to startle the animal, and watch for the turn of the head and the reflection of the eye.

Light – Be aware of the light, especially when photography at dawn, midday and dusk, as the direction of the light can affect the mood of the photograph. Side lighting can reveal surface texture, while backlight adds drama.Click Here…

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