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Norway and Sweden

Norway and Sweden

Norway and Sweden

Norway and Sweden These two Scandinavian countries provide some top shooting locations for moose if you want to try something a little different. Sweden is also good for pheasant and duck shooting. The two countries are considered a haven for hunters and shooters, due to the variety of wildlife and terrain. Skilled guides take visitors from abroad around estates, some of which are tens of thousands of acres, giving you a hunting experience to never forget.

Shooting game like wild boar abroad


The most popular shooting game in Turkey is the ibex and wild boar. Hunting wild boar at night under the moon is an exciting adventure, and the wild boar in Turkey are among the largest found throughout Europe.


You can go to Iceland to shoot ptarmigan only on a few weekends throughout the year. In the snowy landscapes of Iceland, it takes a little more skill to accurately shoot ptarmigan, as the birds move with the food, and they are well camouflaged. The shooting season is also short, just running from October to the end of November, on a limited number of days. Goose shooting has also become popular in Iceland, as there are plenty of geese that migrate from mainland Europe, and the season is much longer than ptarmigan, ranging from August to mid-March.


Game shooting in the US is as popular, if not more so than it is in the UK, which makes it a great location for shooting abroad, and also, traditional British driven shooting is now on the rise across the pond. As well as pheasant shooting, there is a lot more big game hunting to try in America, with elk and even bears in Alaska!Click Here…

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