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Photograph UK Wildlife

Photograph UK Wildlife

Best Places to Photograph UK Wildlife

Photograph UK Wildlife Summer is a great time to head outdoors with your camera to photograph wildlife and nature; the trees are green, flowers are blooming, and animals are out and about feeding and playing in the good summer weather. The UK has many incredible native animals, and it is a wonderful experience to be outdoors, capturing the animals in photographs.

Photograph of grey seal wild in the UK

We recommend getting on some all-weather country clothing and sturdy walking boots, picking up your camera and heading out to the best places to photograph wildlife – and if you think you have a good snap, Countryfile magazine has a Calendar Photo Competition, with the deadline later in July!

The theme for this years’ competition is ‘Call of the Wild’ and the 12 best photos will be published in the Countryfile 2018 Calendar, sold in aid of Children in Need. The deadline is midnight on Friday 21st July – so get snapping! Find out how you can enter here.

Farne Islands, Northumberland

The Farne Islands are home to many seabirds such as puffins, guillemots and cormorants. You can also take a boat trip around the island, seeing the colonies of birds on the cliffs and see the grey seals bobbing about in the sea or basking on the shore.

Photograph of puffin wild in the UK

Bempton Cliffs, East Yorkshire

In August, you can take tours with the RSPB to visit the UK’s only mainland gannetry on Bempton Cliffs. The area is also a fantastic to place to spot short-eared owls, peregrines, meadow pipits and porpoises in the sea.

Photograph of gannets wild in the UK

Gigrin Farm, Powys

One of the best places to see the much-loved red kite is in Wales, where there has been a rehabilitation program. In this area of Mid-Wales, there are over 600 breeding pairs. You can see them wheeling about in the sky, easy to spot from their distinctive tail shape. Also in the area around Powys, you can spot red grouse, peregrines and buzzards.

Photograph of red kite wild in the UK

Rathlin Island, County Antrim

Summer is one of the best times to visit Rathlin Island in Northern Ireland and see the immense numbers of seabirds that stay there in the summer, perching on the sea stacks. Look out for fulmars, puffins, razorbills and guillemots. On the mainland, there are Irish hares and a variety of orchids.

Photograph of guillemot wild in the UK

Cairngorms, Scottish Highlands

At Cairngorms National Park there is a variety of wildlife, due to the many different habitats of the park. There are red deer at Lochnagar, golden eagles around the Ladder Hills, ospreys and otters at Muir of Dinnet, and Loch Morlich for Britain’s wild reindeer herd. You might also spot pine martens and badgers in the late evening.

Photograph of osprey wild in the UK

Lyme Park, Cheshire

Sadly, the brown hare population has seen a huge decline in numbers over the last 50 years. But one of the best places to spot them bounding about is Lyme Park. Though the mating season, and the hare’s ‘boxing’ matches’ have passed, they are still very active in the summer months.

Photograph of hare wild in the UK

Peak District, Derbyshire

There are a variety of habitats in the Peak District, so depending on where you go; there is different wildlife to see. See red grouse on the moorlands of Kinder Scout, mountain hares at Howden Edge, bats, hen harriers, tawny, little and barn owls and much more.Click Here…

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