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Retriever Gundogs

Retriever Gundogs

Labrador Retriever Gundogs: What You Need to Know

Retriever Gundogs The Labrador retriever needs little introduction, being the most popular pet dog in the UK, and also one of the favourite working gundogs in the country. Labrador retrievers are a popular choice for working dogs, being guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs, helper dogs for deaf and disabled and drug sniffer dogs too. The breed has definitely made its mark with their easy-going temperament, general good health and hardworking attitude.

Labrador retriever is a popular gundog breed

Why a Labrador retriever?

Labrador retrievers are a versatile breed and a very good companion. The breed is also easy to train; even your cuddly pet Lab has some retrieving instincts. The retriever is bred for soft mouths and has a willingness to learn and obey. As the most successful and most popular working retriever in the UK, it makes sense to choose the Labrador retriever when deciding which gundog you want.


Labrador retrievers were imported from Newfoundland, Canada to the UK in the 1820s to 1830s for use as a gundog due to their excellent retrieving capabilities. After being brought to the UK in the 19th century, they were mostly bred for duck shooting, as they had an unmatched expertise for waterfowl hunting, with their close coat and otter-like tail. This affinity for the water can be traced back to the founding breed of the Labrador, the St John’s water dog or Lesser Newfoundland, a breed now extinct. Early descriptions of the dog stated they were very good for any kind of shooting.

The first yellow Labrador was recorded around 1899, and the breed recognised by The Kennel Club in 1903 with chocolate Labradors emerging later in the 1930s. Labrador retrievers can be categorised into English or American, differing in behaviour and a slight difference in appearance. English Labs tend to be more easy to train and better to have as non-hunting companions. American Labs tend to be more energetic and have been bred to compete in field trials.Click Here…

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