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Brown Leather Jacket

Brown Leather Jacket

Tan/Brown Leather Jacket


Brown Leather Jacket

Brown Leather Jacket Brown leather jackets are my go to actually as they work so well for people with blonde hair. Even though I own black, brown seems to be a little softer against my skin tone which is why I love to wear it so much. Obviously you can get varying tones of brown from light tan to dark mahogany, but here’s my advice for this one.

Denim Shades It Goes With:
Women – Light Brown with Mid to Light Blue and Dark Brown with Blues and Black.
Men – Light Brown with Mid to Light Blue and Dark Brown with Blues and Black.

Cream/Nude Leather Jacket


Nude or cream in leather jackets is fairly new for me as I haven’t really been into the lighter shades until now. They do look best in suede, I have to admit that, but they look gorgeous for the Summer months when you need something to keep the chill away, but want to keep it light and airy. This is probably a shade more suited to the ladies, but guys can wear it too.

Denim Shades It Goes With:
Women – Mid to Light Blue and Brown.
Men – Blues and Black.

Khaki/Olive Leather Jacket


The cool olive or khaki green shade of leather jackets can look so good. I’ve seen a lot of guys and girls wearing a dark green like this and it looks so chic. It’s fashionable and stylish like black, but it adds more of a fun element to the outfit you are wearing and makes it more interesting. It’s great for the Winter months too.

Denim Shades It Goes With:
Women – Mid to Light Blue, White and Black.
Men – Mid to Light Blue, Black and Dark Grey.

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