New Year, New Leather Jacket!

New Leather Jacket! We only went and bloody did it! We have officially launched our fourth  website.  To celebrate, we are offering a 15% discount on all mensand womens styles, including the new SALE section! Simply enter code SRV4 during checkout.
Come with us as we remember our previous website incarnations along with an important message about our pricing..


 It all began back in 2005 on eBay, with just three styles. After a short time and good sales, we  soon moved over to a template ecommerce website store:
She wasnt much to look at but she had it where it counts.  At the time we had around ten jackets up for sale, all true vintage style leather jackets made of cowhide. Very durable and If you bought one back then, I’m sure it is still holding up well.
From the very beginning, we were always about excellent quality cowhide sourced from Pakistan which is the home of excellent quality cowhide – soft, durable and even back then we were customising the thickness to get that sweet spot of around 0.7 – 0.8mm, not too thick, nor too thin. Just right for a mens leather jacket. It was also very important that the cut was correct – slim fit, like a true vintage jacket and tailored in the right areas for a precise fit. We really pushed our Pakistan factory to make the right leather jacket before we would even put it out for sale which is a key to our longevity. It was not about making a quick buck but to deliver a high quality, stylish, tailored product. Btw, if you look closely, you can see the collar of the FIght Club jacket! We were one of the first to make this true to the original replica.


Our second incarnation below, was our first custom website, made in 2009, with a heavily aged, vintage metal & leather look:


website 2


This design was meant to portray a raw, factory feel. By this time, we were making more styles so we split the products into separate sections – Mens & Womens Leather Jackets, Movie & TV, Motorcycle and Cotton style jackets.


Then in November 2011 came the third website, seen below) was not only a new website design but also a big change with a move of production to Italy. We were very happy with our Pakistan manufactured jackets but the roadmap for Soul Revolver was always to reach for the refined craftsmanship and exerience of Italian production. We met with a small, specialist leather crafting shop based in Northern Italy and fell in love with their leather quality and overall attitude to making leather jackets. We also started adding a new antique effect to the leather in their labratory. The finished product was outstanding, you can read what customers think of our Italian leather jackets here. Click Here…