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Late Season Hunt
With a recent late season South Dakota muzzleloader hunt completed I was able to put a couple of kits to good use and testing. Sondra was lucky enough to draw this coveted tag and the dates in which we could hunt fell on some of the coldest temps we have had this year.

With temperatures ranging from a low of -24 degrees to a high of -8 on the first day and the next ranging from low of -6 to a high of 12 degrees, this hunt called for gear that would keep us from reaching a body temperature that would ultimately put us in dire straits and lead us down a road we didn’t want to go down! When factoring in wind chill, temps were approaching negative double the above digits at times!

Sondra was wearing the much acclaimed Cadog top and bottom paired with a Kratos vest, Sherpa hoodie, and Hoplite merino wool baselayers. When on the move she stayed warm and even sweated up a bit due to trudging through the snow that lay before us. When we would stop to glass she did notice that the wind was cutting through and chilling her rather fast. That kept us on the move with very short rests and stops to glass for deer across the prairie. She wore Krypton gloves beneath the Norlander merino gloves with hand warmers and stayed comfortable. She used the Kiska beanie up top.

I was wearing the new Vellus top, bottom, and vest paired with Hoplite merino wool baselayers. Nothing else! Many think fleece is a thing of the past but not anymore! The big difference is that this kit has windstopping performance that was a HUGE benefit in this type of weather! When we were stopped I didn’t chill down at all as the wind wasn’t penetrating my fortress! What an amazing feeling! This kit is a must have for a cold weather hunter! I wore the Rogue gloves and was able to keep my hands warm as well. I used the Kryptek Lined Beanie up top.

Other gear that was a must was the use of the Balaclava and Petra gaiters for both of us. In these temps you need to keep your face covered to fight away frostbite and chilblains. When walking through deep snow the Petra gaiters came in very handy as well which also helped keep our feet protected by keeping snow from entering the tops of our boots!

We passed a buck on the first day of the hunt and were able to locate him again on the second day after looking over numerous bucks that didn’t fit the bill. We covered over 20 miles on foot and luckily came up with a shooter buck that fit the bill for her first muzzleloader buck! The conditions were harsh and it called for using gear that would protect us to the fullest while still remaining on the move. The above kits sufficed for us and we will not hesitate to wear them again in the future under these conditions! Click Here…

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