Brian Tallerico – The Next Generation


Brian “Sawbones” Tallerico – The Next Generation

NEXT GENERATION Few memories are etched as deeply in the mind as taking your first deer. Every single year as autumn arrives and the leaves turn and the air cools my thoughts drift back thirty plus years to that Pennsylvanian woodlot where I shot my first buck. Now, with three kids of my own and many grey hairs in my beard, my most precious hunting memories are those shared with my children. My middle child turned 12 in late October last year and therefore missed the deer season in our home state of Wyoming, so it was with great expectations that we climbed the mountain last weekend in search of her first mule deer buck.

Not long after daybreak we spotted a small forked horn feeding across the canyon on a finger ridge, completely unaware of our presence. I had a feeling he wasn’t alone this time of year so we pressed on, gaining elevation for a better view. Sure enough, we now were able to see his buddy, only a few yards away from the little buck and steadily feeding uphill. After a quick confirmation through the spotting scope, we were able to confirm that this buck was indeed worthy of a closer look. To get a reasonable shot, we had to climb a bit higher, side hill through a chute, and go even higher on the finger ridge that ran parallel to the one where the bucks were feeding. We slowly made our way and as we gained elevation up that ridge it got impossibly steep, though my daughter thought it wasn’t such a big deal and she wasn’t even breathing hard. The last 100 yards required a handhold approach as we neared our objective–a rock pile that would give us cover for the setup.

Finally we were there and sure enough, as we peeked over the boulders, we saw the two bucks calmly enjoying their breakfast on the mountain 171 yards away. I set the .280 Ackley on a jacket draped over a nice flat rock and my little huntress calmly and smoothly snugged up to the rifle in a prone position. Immediately she had him in the scope and awaited our instructions to go ahead and let fly. At that moment I just couldn’t believe how calm and collected she was; I recall coming unglued at the sight of any buck at any time in my youth! The bigger buck was facing us, but that lasted only a minute, and then he turned uphill exposing his left shoulder and ribs. “Go ahead now… right behind the shoulder” I hissed and my request was answered with the BOOM of the rifle and the obvious lethal hit on the deer which skidded just a few yards and disappeared. We knew he was dead where he stood and that he awaited us at the top of the ridge.Click Here…

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