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Jon Yokley – 2016 Archery Pronghorn in Arizona!


2016 Archery Pronghorn in Arizona!

PRONGHORN IN ARIZONA In June of 2016 my friend Tiger and I started our scouting and setting cameras. We made it our obligation to go out at least one if not both days every weekend until opener. We wanted to know every possible angle so we could possibly pull out a few more bucks again this year.

After weeks and weeks of scouting we logged many different bucks on trail cameras and thru digi-scoping. I believe that we had located close to twenty different bucks that we planned on pursuing. Our plans on sitting any waters (if we chose) changed as Arizona started getting record rainfall with the help of our summer monsoons. Plans always change if you give it enough time.

With waterholes out of the question we decided to try our Heads Up decoys. This worked so well last year with the two bucks we harvested. Spot & Stalk option is always fun and in my opinion is much more rewarding if you can get the job done.

Opening day we arrived and it wasn’t long before we found one of the many bucks we had been seeing. We made a plan to decoy but the buck would not respond. We found this to be the case on every buck we found. We couldn’t get any closer than 150 yards no matter how we presented the decoy. Our thoughts, every buck had does, and I believe we missed the pre-rut. Spot and stalk it would be. We both made countless attempts on many great bucks to always be busted by the alert does.

We figured that if we kept at it eventually luck would lean our way, it did. On day three of the hunt my friend, Tiger, was up to bat. Tiger found a buck that had six does with buck in a perfect position for a stalk. The plan worked and after a 50 yard shot his buck was laying on the ground. What a relief, at least one of us has tagged out! It was my turn and the pressure was on. We had a few bucks in mind (one in particular) that I would give a try. I tried and failed many times in the past days due to the changing winds from close by storms or being busted by the many does that each buck had. On the seventh day we found the target buck. I made an attempt on him but I failed again. I was getting frustrated while watching the group move on out. After giving them time to settle down I was able to pick them up on a small Juniper covered ridge, the wind would finally be in my favor on this stalk. I made my way up the ridge on the opposite side trying to close the gap before they moved on out. As I was glassing I saw a doe working my way then another and so on. I held up in a Juniper tree watching six of the does pass by me at 50 yards. I patiently waited then there he was, the buck that we had made at least 10 different attempts on throughout the season. He made his way to the does, I drew then buried my 50 yard pin behind the shoulder before releasing. I hit him good! After waiting several minutes I texted my friend to join me. We were able to find my buck almost immediately. Click Here…

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