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Jim Kinsey – Spring Bear Hunting


Spring bear hunting – Western Montana

SPRING BEAR HUNTING Hunting spring bear in Western Montana means being ready for what Mother Nature likes to throw at you. I am a die-hard bear hunter and have been lucky enough to take many bears over my 32 years as a Montana resident. Back in the day my brother Al and I would start chasing bears the day it opened (April 15th) until the season closed. Back then we had a mixed bag of apparel that worked ok but never had the edge we needed when the going got tough.

April in Montana can mean snow, sleet, rain, and everything in between. This year we had a little bit of everything hit us. Normally we spend countless hours behind our Vortex optics picking apart the landscape for a ball of fur with an attitude. In Montana we are not allowed to bait like our neighbor to the West Idaho, instead it’s all spot and stalk hunting. We are required to wear 400 square inches of Hunters orange while pursuing black bears too. Kryptek came out with the reversible “Inferno” Vesuvius vest last year giving hunters the option to have the infamous Kryptek pattern in hunters orange or a solid hunters orange. This vest works great for most states but still check your local hunting regulations to make sure Inferno fits the bill!

This May I was lucky enough to spot 11 bears with the help of my partner in crime and Kryptek pro-staffer Jana Waller. One afternoon we watched two bears fighting on a ridge directly across from us. I barely caught it all on video as a large cinnamon colored boar took off after a smaller black boar 250 yards across the canyon from us. Before I could lay down in the prone position to get a shot off the large bear took off uphill and onto an old logging road with the smaller black bear out front running for its life.

The next day we went back into the same area and Jana immediately spotted a nice brown phased boar feeding along a tiny opening right before dark. The bear heard us approach and stood motionless looking in our direction. The highlander pattern was doing what it does best, breaking up our vertical silhouettes! This bear only had one sensory working, it’s hearing. We inched forward with the wind in our favor. Jana quickly got the video camera powered up and began filming the hunt go down. At a distance of 275 yards I laid down in the prone, took aim, and dropped the hammer on the new 30 Nosler. Hit hard, the bear turned and began climbing the hill only to be met by my follow up shot which folded him mid flight.

Incredible memories in the field like this one are what keep us coming back year in and year out. With the incredible line up of Kryptek apparel available in most retail outlets and through the new Kryptek online store, you’ll have the ultimate gear to deceive whatever prey you pursue! Click Here…

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