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Electric KTM

Electric KTM

Electric KTM Freeride Finally Coming to USA

Even if you don’t follow the electric motorcycle market at all, you’ve probably heard of KTM’s electric Freeride.KTM’s standard Freeride is a light, agile, trials-influence enduro bike with a punchy 250cc 2-stroke that makes it an absolute hoot to ride. (But what KTM isn’t?)The electric version, however, is a big departure for the norm. It’s not just that it’s KTM’s only electric model in production that makes this model unique. It’s the fact that KTM produced an electric motorcycle at all.For years, the major motorcycle brands have, for some reason, shied away from entering the burgeoning electric vehicle market. There have been many rumors, of course, and some exciting concepts (Yamaha’s PES1 comes to mind as a particularly frustrating tease.) Even Harley-Davidson made much ado about it’s unusually refined (and very production-ready-looking) Livewire in 2015, touring the entire country with a fleet of them looking for feedback – and then nothing.For reasons unknown to us common consumers, the big brands have still not entered the production electric motorcycle game, allowing startups like Zero, Energica, Lighting, and Alta Motors blossom within the niche and drive the segment forward. But the one big brand who finally did is KTM , dipping a toe into the electric segment with the Freeride-E, a battery-powered version of the same fun off-road bike.


The KTM Freeride-E: not only KTM’s first-ever electric motorcycle, but the first ever produced by a major manufacturer in the U.S.


It is perhaps fitting that KTM would be the one manufacturer to break ranks with the big brands – the Austrian manufacturer is a “big brand” only just barely. KTM in 2017 is a premium motorcycle manufacturer with class-leading bikes in multiple segments and a global growth strategy that is second-to-none in the industry. But let’s also not forget that the brand barely reached the $1 billion market capitalization mark in 2015, and only began making street bikes at all in the late 1990s. (For reference, Yamaha and Harley-Davidson both have a market cap of around $8 billion; Honda’s is a staggering $50 billion.) Click Here…

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