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Fly Racing Boots

Fly Racing Boots

Fly Racing Boots

Just like your hands, your feet are one of the most important aspects of riding a motorcycle. When you think about how often you shift gears and work the rear brake pedal you begin to realize the importance of good riding boots – and that’s before you have a crash, and realize how much your feet can actually take a beating without some good protection on them! FLY riding boots combine protection, durability, and value to keep you grabbing gears for years to come.

Our best selling Fly boot is this one, the Fly Maverik. Like most of Fly’s most well-engineered products, Fly makes this awesome boot in a full range of both adult and youth sizes to provide top-notch protection for the whole family, and it includes 3-D molded shin protection, adjustable quick-lock buckles, an elastic gaiter around the top to keep debris out of your boots, a steel toe guard, and full-race level sole with steel shank for maximum protection. For just a hair over $100, finding a better boot would be very tough to do!


Fly Racing Maverik BootsThe Fly Racing Maverik Boots

Fly Racing Protective Gear

With the huge advancements that have been made in protective riding gear in recent year’s, Fly’s catalog of protective gear has ballooned to encompass all types of armor for every kind of rider. Not only is Fly serving the dirt riding community with affordable high-quality gear to deck riders out in protective gear from head to toe, they are also doing a great job of supplying the under-served youth market with essential protective gear as well. Here are some of their most popular pieces of gear:

Fly Barricade Body Armor Suit

The Fly Barricade Body Armor Suit offers the ultimate in upper body protection. As you can see, this is an all in one unit with a chest protector and integrated shoulder and elbow pads with a kidney belt as well. Don’t waste time and money buying each piece separately when you can order one affordable piece of gear that can do it all! Best of all, this armor comes in a scaled-down youth version too, so your young rider will be well-protected when the inevitable unplanned meeting with the dirt happens. Peace of mind on a motorcycle was never so affordable!


Fly Barricade Body Armor SuitThe Fly Barricade Body Armor Suit

Fly Compression Shorts

Anytime you ride dirt, you know there’s a good chance you’re going to hit the deck at some point – and when you do, you know your hips are in many cases going to take the brunt of it. The Fly Compression shorts are shorts made of a moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch Lycra for comfort with strategically placed EVA foam pads in areas most commonly impacted in dirt bike get-offs. The Fly Compression Shorts offer comfort, support, protection from chafing, and protection from impact all in one garment!


The Fly Compression Shorts



Fly Racing Gear Bags

With all the gear Fly provides, they also know you need a functional way to keep it all together when heading out to the track or OHV area for the weekend, and they also make rider-focused bags for just that purpose. One our favorites is Fly’s premium gear bag, the Moto Vault Roller Gear Bag.

The Fly/Ogio 9800 Roller Bag is the perfect bag for lugging around your riding gear or even traveling. The handle and wheels make for amazing mobility and to also help with easy mobility Fly/Ogio designed SLED. SLED stands for structural load equalization deck, this basically evens out the load. THis is an ultra-premium bag that will be the envy of other riders everywhere you go!


The Fly Moto Vault Roller Gear BagFly/Ogio 9800 Roller Bag

Other Fly Racing Favorites

Fly has a full range of products for off-road riders of all ages that go well beyond just standard riding gear. Here are a few staff favorites of ours that we think you’ll appreciate!


Fly Cooling Vest

The Fly Cooling Vest is an innovative product that is an essential for hot weather riding. Simply soak it in clean water for a couple of minutes and you have instant “air conditioning” for your rides! Similar to how putting a cool towel on your skin and sitting in front of a fan instantly cools you down, the polymer-embedded fabric traps moisture which then evaporates as you ride, giving a refreshing cooling sensation and keeping heat exhaustion at bay. Unlike a towel, the cooling vest retains moisture for several hours, for plenty of riding fun even in the sun!

Fly Cooling VestThe Fly Cooling Vest



Fly Rollup Toolbag

When you get into a jam while out on the road, you might be able to fix your bike and get back running – but not without some tools! Keep the essentials handy “just in case” with this useful tool pouch from Fly, made of heavy duty Cordura nylon with 6 tool slots and a zippered compartment for smaller items. (Tools not included.)

Fly Racing Deluxe Tool PouchThe Fly Racing Deluxe Tool Pouch



Fly Racing Hydro Pack

Don’t need to take along everything including the kitchen sink? Try Fly’s Hydro Pack. It comes with a 70 oz. bladder and a high flow rate bite valve. Fully adjustable mesh shoulder straps and two external pockets to hold snacks, keys, wallet, etc…and of course, plenty of water! Essential for riding or any outdoor activity. Click Here…

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