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Women's Cruiser Helmets

Women’s Cruiser Helmets

Top 5 Women’s Cruiser Helmets – Including Our Best Customer Reviews

Women’s Cruiser Helmets Intelligent riders like yourself know the importance of protecting the head while in motion. Issues with helmet hair are easily resolved with a quick finger brush and shake. According to BikeBandit.com customers, the following are the best cruiser helmets for girls on the market. Here are the top 5 women’s cruiser motorcycle helmets brands:

1. HJC Women’s Cruiser Helmets

HJC has been in the business for more than four decades. Their helmets are used by some of the most skilled racers participating in prestigious street, off-road and snow competitions. These HJC Women’s Cruiser Helmetsoffer great value at affordable prices.


HJC CS-5N Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

“I have been motorcycling for 50 years now, I have always worn a helmet. I have just about every kind of helmet made and my last several helmets have been HJC. They are lightweight, they are a perfect fit, and I love the way HJC helmets have a snap to hold the strap in place so it doesn’t slap you in the wind.” -Red

Product Features: HJC CS-5N Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • Lightweight injection-molded thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Brushed Nylex® interior
  • Adjustable forehead vent
  • Chin strap
  • DOT approved


HJC CS-2N Solid Half Motorcycle Helmet

“I have 2 other HJC Helmets (Full Modular and Open Face), and wanted a half helmet. The sizing is consistent and the large fits perfectly like the others. Great helmet for warm weather. Fits very well, and the ear flaps help with wind noise. Love the helmet!” -Jen

Product Features: HJC CS-2N Solid Half Motorcycle Helmet

  • Dual forehead vents allow for excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight injection-molded thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Aerodynamic low-profile visor
  • Brushed Nylex® interior
  • Zip-off neck curtain

2. LS2 Women’s Cruiser Helmets

At LS2, it’s all about smart, calculated manufacturing. Safety, of course is built into everything, so you’ll find DOT certification and multiple shells to be standard on most products. Here are a few top performing LS2 Women’s Cruiser Helmets.


LS2 Stripper Solid Half Motorcycle Helmet

Product Features: LS2 Stripper Solid Half Motorcycle Helmet

  • KPA shell
  • Oval shaped
  • Multi-density EPS
  • Quick release strap
  • Several sizes available


LS2 Kurt Just Ride Bobber Motorcycle Helmet

Product Features: LS2 Kurt Just Ride Bobber Motorcycle Helmet

  • HPFC shell
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic laser-cut foam interior
  • Quick release and reinforced chin strap
  • Visor made of 3D optically correct “A Class” polycarbonate
  • 09 lbs.

3. Nolan Women’s Cruiser Helmets

Have an eye for Italian style? Nolan designs, engineers and manufactures its products inside of the boot. These helmets are trusted by track and off-road racers alike. Here are a few top Nolan Women’s Cruiser Helmets.


Nolan N21 Speed Junkie Motorcycle Helmet

Product Features: Nolan N21 Speed Junkie Motorcycle Helmet

  • Special design embedded on the Lexan polycarbonate shell surface
  • Scratch-resistance treated vision protection shield with UV400
  • Washable antibacterial inner padding
  • Helmet lock ring
  • DOT approved


Nolan N21 Banner Motorcycle Helmet

Product Features: Nolan N21 Banner Motorcycle Helmet

  • Stripes down the middle of the Lexan polycarbonate shell
  • Neck roll for noise reduction
  • Nolan Microlock® retention system
  • Washable antibacterial inner padding
  • Weighs roughly 950 grams

4. ScorpionEXO Cruiser Helmets

ScorpionExo is built by intense collaboration between design, engineering and their own manufacturing facilities. They’re dedicated to maximizing comfort and safety in every product they make. These are a few of our top ScorpionEXO Cruiser Helmets.


Scorpion EXO-C110 Open Face Helmet

“This is now the helmet I grab for my 35 mile daily commute to work. Scorpion builds well beyond the price point of this helmet. Quality was more than expected.” -VTX

Product Features: Scorpion EXO-C110 Open Face Helmet

  • Two intake vents and two exhaust ports provide supreme ventilation
  • Sliding sun visor
  • Titanium snap closure
  • Built-in speaker pockets
  • DOT approved


Scorpion EXO Covert Phantom Helmet

Product Features: Scorpion EXO Covert Phantom Helmet

  • Converts between a half and three-quarter helmet
  • Integrated sun visor
  • Magnetic removable face mask
  • 5-year warranty
  • DOT certification

5. Arai Women’s Cruiser Helmets

Japanese innovation makes Arai one of the world’s premier helmet manufacturers. Each product is engineered to exceed safety standards and carefully assembled by hand. These are a few of our most popular Arai Women’s Cruiser Helmets.


Arai XC Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Product Features: Arai XC Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • Front, rear and side ventilation
  • Extended coverage on both sides
  • Removable liner
  • Clear face shield
  • Convertible cheek pad with removable layer


Arai Quantum-X Helmet

Product Features: Arai Quantum-X Helmet

  • PB -SCLC shell
  • Variable axis shield and side pods
  • Dual-function lever provides easy face shield removal
  • Cheek pads with emergency release tab
  • Ventilation ducts allow for maximum flow

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