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Performance for Every Rider

Performance for Every Rider

Goldentyre Dirt Bike Tires: Pro-Level Performance for Every Rider

If you follow the worldwide Enduro racing circuit at all, you’ve certainly heard of Goldentyre. The small Italian manufacturer has been making off-road motorcycle tires since the 1980s, but they only recently exploded in popularity due to the large increase in exposure of epic enduro races like Red Bull’s Romaniacs and the Erzberg Rodeo – especially because Goldentyre tires happen to be the tires of choice for most of the top riders in those circuits. In fact, Goldentyre tires are now the official tires of the factory KTM Enduro team, and were also the tires on both the first and second place bikes in this year’s Erzberg Rodeo.

This year’s winner of the 2017 Erzberg Rodeo, an unbelievably challenging Enduro race that takes place in Austria every year, was Alfredo Gomez, on a set of GoldenTyre tires. Second place went to Graham Jarvis – also on GoldenTyre tires!


But if you haven’t heard of Goldentyre before, you’re about to, because they are making big waves in the world of off-road motorcycle racing especially here in the U.S. – and we are proud to say we just added Goldentyre products to our tire selection here at BikeBandit. To introduce you to their awesome products and why they do things in a way that no other manufacturer can, continue reading!

“Pretty Much A Requirement to Be Competitive in Enduro”

Enduro racing, a form of off-road motorcycle racing that takes place on long-distance, widely varied, cross country courses, has been popular for years in Europe, and is increasing in popularity here. Enduro racing puts both bike and rider through grueling courses over all kinds of terrain, obstacles, and riding conditions, and is without a doubt one of the most demanding types of racing there is.

But Enduro, as it happens, is what Goldentyre excels most at, and much of their rapid rise to prominence recently is thanks to their near-total dominance in Enduro championships around the world throughout the last five years. The most well-known champ who swears by Goldentyre tires in particular is Graham Jarvis, a British Extreme Enduro and trials rider who has won a number of major enduro events around the world on Goldentyre rubber. But many big names in Enduro have also made the swtich in the last several years, such as Jonny Walker, Taddy Blazusiak, Alfredo Gomez, Toby Price, and many more. And while much of Goldentyre’s success comes from Enduro, they make high-quality tires for all off-road applications, such as Motocross, Rally, Minicross, Trials, Speedway, Flat Track, and even Supermotard!


GoldenTyre tires have almost become a prequisite to becoming a champ in extreme Enduro races in the last several years!

A Tire Company That Does Things Differently

Aside from being an essential part of the arsenal for world champion Enduro riders, there are a few things that really set Goldentyre apart in the industry. One thing is their small size. As a boutique tire manufacturer, every employee at Goldentyre is passionate about off-road riding, and their development teams are constantly testing their own products – even the CEO of Goldentyre tests every tire they make! This means that changes or refinements to products happen quickly, without all the red tape that exists in big companies, so Goldentyre is always on the leading edge of innovation in their tires.

Another is the fact that they are committed to providing the same products that their champion racers race on to regular consumers. Many brands will provide custom made tires to their top-level racers made with proprietary compounds and processes that are never made available to the public, but with Goldentyre, the tires on the rack at the store are the same ones mounted on the bikes of sponsored pros. That’s not only good for the consumer, it’s good for race teams too – in fact, KTM Australia’s factory Enduro team has supplemented their race teams with Goldentyre tires from local distributors more than once in a pinch!

Another benefit of this philosophy is that Goldentyre doesn’t even waste their time making tires for anything less than optimal performance – and that’s not just in Enduro, but in all categories their manufacture for. This is also great for consumers and race teams alike, because rather than being constantly on the hunt for the right tire supplier for all different terrains and riding styles, you can stick with one supplier for virtually all your performance off-road riding needs, from Motocross to Enduro, and from mud to sand to hard-pack and everything in between.

If you’re as excited about running Goldentyre tires as we are about carrying them, check out a few of their best-selling tires below and pick up a set – we’d love to hear what you think!


Goldentyre Motorcycle Tires

GoldenTyre GT216AA Motorcycle Tire (Front)

GoldenTyre GT216AA Motorcycle Tire (Front)The GoldenTyre GT216AA Motorcycle Tire (Front)


Goldentyre’s most popular tire, the GT216AA Motorcycle Tire is a great option for riders who like to take on aggressive terrains. Forest, creeks, rocks, sand…you name the terrain and the GoldenTyre GT216AA motorcycle tire will get you through it with smooth and seamless transitions between them.

The most popular variant, made popular by Enduro champ Graham Jarvis as his tire of choice, is the GoldenTyre GT216AA “fatty” Motorcycle Tire, which comes in a 90/100-21 that allows for a taller side wall and overall wider diameter, hence the name “fatty”. This is the tire with proven results in every round of the 2016 Redd Bull Extreme Enduro Series by Jonny Walker, Graham Garvis, Taddy Blazusiak, Alfredo Gomez, Toby Price, and many more. Get the extreme enduro tire that is stable at speed yet still has almost the capabilities of a trials tire when overcoming obstacles!


GoldenTyre GT232N Motorcycle Tire

GoldenTyre GT232N Motorcycle TireGoldenTyre GT232N Motorcycle Tire


The GoldenTyre GT232N Motorcycle Tire is the complimentary rear tire for the GT216AA “fatty” tire. The 120/100-18 will have a taller side wall and wider rolling diameter for better tack. Excellent for soft or intermediate terrain and even great for riding in sandy conditions.

GoldenTyre GT233 Motorcycle Tire

GoldenTyre GT233 Motorcycle TireThe GoldenTyre GT233 Motorcycle Tire


The GoldenTyre GT233 Motorcycle Tire was designed to cater to the fastest motocross racers. With a compound that is suitable for intermediate to hard condition you can put you trust in the GT233 that it will get you unmatched grip and set you up for faster lap times. Get some on order today to have you ready by the weekend! DOT and F.I.M. approved. (G-Mousse insert recommended.)

GoldenTyre G333 Motorcycle Tire

GoldenTyre GT333 Motorcycle TireThe GoldenTyre GT333 Motorcycle Tire


The GoldenTyre GT333 Motorcycle Tire is a great option for the weekend warriors looking to get the most traction on or off the track! Their exclusive compound and design provide even wear and traction through the entire life of the tire. Knob size and spacing designed to maximize contact patch on intermediate conditions while maintaining excellent wear and self-cleaning capabilities.


GoldenTyre GT369 Motorcycle Tire/GT369X

GoldenTyre GT369 Motorcycle TireThe GoldenTyre GT369 Motorcycle Tire


The GoldenTyre GT369 Motorcycle Tire is the perfect tire for the extreme enduro riders. Its stiff side walls provide a stable ride and its deep knobs allow exceptional grip. The GoldenTyre GT369X is a lot like the regular GT369, however it has a much softer carcass for extreme grip. Hence the reason why they nicknamed this tire theGT369X “gummy” tire.

GoldenTyre GT723 Motorcycle Tire

The GoldenTyre GT723 Motorcycle Tire


The GoldenTyre GT723 Motorcycle Tire has all the capabilities needed when tackling some of the gnarliest terrains that are traveled on the big heavy duty adventure bikes. The GT723 offers exceptional grip and has an unmatched level of longevity that is not found in today’s “traditional” tires.

GoldenTyre G-Mousse

The GoldenTyre G-Mousse. Never deal with a flat tire on your dirt bike again!


All these tires fo great with the GoldenTyre G-Mousse insert! The GoldenTyre G-Mousse insert is the perfect option for riders who are looking to avoid hassles and enjoy more riding time, and is the most technologically best tube in the market right now. It is a solid insert, and requires no inflation and no air pressure monitoring. Get rolling with a new G-mousse today! .Click Here…

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