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Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

Epic Video: KTM Super Duke Blasts Up Pikes Peak In Record Setting Run

Pikes Peak When the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb officially banned sport bikes from competing on the mountain in 2015, it didn’t bode very well for the sport. Since the course became fully paved in 2011, sport bikes were among the fastest bikes up the mountain, and though the record in the Heavyweight premier class was held by a Ducati Multistrada, superbikes like the ZX-10R that Jeremy Toye set a class record on in 2014 were closing in on that record quickly.The race banned sport bikes as a safety precaution, as two sport bike riders were killed in the previous two years on the notoriously dangerous course whose 156 turns lined with tress and cliffsides all the way to the top create ever present dangers for competitors. Specifically, organizers banned any motorcycle without a single handlebar from the factory, taking all sport bikes with their clip-on bars out of the running.What they didn’t count on, however, was that a fire-breathing beast like the KTM Super Duke 1290 R, with it’s insanely powerful 190hp 1301cc V-twin, would be set up with a single set of bars from the factory – and thus present the perfect vessel for a record-setting run up Pikes Peak. And that’s exactly what happened last Sunday, as the 95th Pikes Peak Internatinal Hill Climb concluded with a 1-2 sweep for the KTM factory team.Piloted by Chris Fillmore, a former AMA Pro Superbike racer, the factory-supported Super Duke ran a time of a blistering 9:49:625 on the 12.42 mile course that starts at an elevation of 9300 ft and rises to a staggering 14,200 ft. As Chris recounted, the bike ran perfectly, though he did have a scary moment at mile 19 where the bike went sideways at 120mph headed straight for a cliff, but he managed to maintain control of the bike and continue on for the win!The event was a huge win for Fillmore, not only because he set a new outright record for a motorcycle, but because he incredibly did it in his rookie season – 2017 is his first time ever competing at PPIHC. But it was also a win for KTM overall, as their second bike, piloted by Australian Rennie Scaysbrook, came in second at a healthy 9:58.697, gaining KTM the top two spots at this year’s event. In fact, the only two bikes that came in under 10 minutes up the legendary course were the two KTMs.

Check out the video, it’s one of the best Pikes Peak videos ever produced, with a juxtaposition of multiple onboard videos along with helicopter chase footage that really gives a sense of perspective on not only this wild, dangerous course, but how well the KTM actually performed on it. But what will blow you away more than anything is how aggressively Fillmore rides and how close he gets to the edge in his pursuit of the record – there are more than a few nail-biting moments that will blow your mind! Click Here…

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