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Scorpion Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion Motorcycle Helmet

Brand vs. Brand: Icon vs. Scorpion Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion Motorcycle Helmet If you’re looking for a fully-featured, stylish, quality street helmet for an affordable price, you’ve undoubtedly run across these two brands: Icon and Scorpion EXO. Both brands are bold, exciting, and have excellent products with a ton of positive reviews. You can’t go wrong with either of these strong performers, but which one is really best…and more importantly, best for YOU?In this article we’ll stack Icon and Scorpion EXO up against one another to determine how they compare, what the strong points, weak points, and highlights of each brand are, and ultimately, which one is best for you based on your unique needs. Let the Brand vs. Brand begin!

Overview: What Each Brand Is About

Icon and Scorpion EXO are both strong brands in the midrange helmet market, and both are known for being bold, exciting, and highly innovative. But while at a glance Icon and Scorpion EXO are direct rivals, in reality, the two companies have a number of differences between them in both their products and in their philosophy toward how they develop them.

Icon is bold – there is no mistaking that. They are a true designer’s brand, and you’ve ever seen any of their gear (not just helmets), you know that Icon does not shy away from making gear that stands out and demands attention, both in their use of incredible, detailed graphics and in their modern, aggressive design. But Icon isn’t all about looks – their products are incredibly well-engineered and very solidly built, with an intense focus on safety for street riders that are their core demographic. In addition to eye-popping graphics, Icon also offers solid and stealth models of all their helmets that are dark and subtle, placing all the emphasis on the muscular, angular shape of their products instead. If you could describe Icon’s helmets in a word: “badass.”


A great example of Icon’s stunning use of graphics is the Icon Airmada Bioskully shown here. It is simply unbelievable in person!


Scorpion EXO also creates high-quality, innovative helmets for the street market, but what they lack in the design and graphics that Icon excels at, they more than make up for in their extensive product range and modern features. For the street/sport market, Icon’s helmets demand more attention – but Scorpion’s product line-up is triple the size of Icon’s, with offerings that cover the modular market, Adventure touring, vintage/retro style, and even scooter and half-helmets. Scorpion EXO also has more value, especially in their lower-priced full-face models, and more innovative, rule-breaking designs like the GT920 modular sport helmet, the AT950 modular adventure helmet from the future, and the intimidating Covert, which defies explanation and just has to be seen to be understood.

With respect to fit, Scorpion EXO tends toward a more intermediate oval fit across their entire product line (which is the most common head shape in the world.) Icon on the other hand uses unique fits for each of their product lines: the Variant is a round-oval, the Alliance is an intermediate-oval, the Airframe is a slightly narrow oval, and the Airmada is more of a long-oval.


A good example of Scorpion EXO’s innovativeness and uniqueness is this helmet, the AT-950 in “Battleflage,” which looks right out of a futuristic war movie.


Product Line Comparison

Icon’s product line is small, but they have a narrow focus on making excellent, high-performing, and incredible looking full-face helmets for the street and sport markets, and they do an excellent job of it. While only 4 products deep (5 if you count the Alliance GT), every Icon helmet is incredible-looking, performs excellently, and packs a ton of value into an affordable helmet. Icon’s helmets are:

  • Airframe Pro: Icon’s top-tier sport riding helmet is designed to perform optimally in the aggressive riding position today’s ultra high-performance sport bikes place the rider in. It also features an awesome handmade carbon fiber shell for incredible strength and light weight, and it’s graphics are second-to-none.
  • Airmada: offers track-level specs in a mid-price helmet category. The optimal choice for those wanting maximum performance at an attainable price.
  • Alliance/Alliance GT: The Alliance is Icon’s entry-level helmet, but don’t let “entry-level” fool you – it’s got a proven design, comfortable fit, and excellent quality for one of the best values on the helmet market. The GT version adds an internal drop-down visor.
  • Variant: a futuristic, aggressive-looking version of a dual-sport helmet that looks and works as good on an adventure bike as it does on a sport bike; also one of the most recognizable helmets in the entire industry.

Scorpion EXO has a very elaborate product line, with solid, highly-competitive options for every segment that exists in two-wheeled vehicles…not to mention, a few extra options that completely break all the rules and exist in categories of their own.

  • GT3000: Scorpion EXO’s flagship sport helmet, on par in features, protection, and quality with helmets well over $600 premium mark
  • T1200: Modern, super-ventilated touring helmet
  • AT950: Versatile, modular Adventure touring helmet with many features
  • R710: Excellent fiberlass shell full-face under $200
  • T-510: The best-selling polycarbonate touring helmet on the market
  • GT920: Modular helmet, but with looks and aerodynamics of a race helmet
  • R410: The industry’s leading full face DOT/SNELL approved for under $150
  • Belfast: A stylish retro/vintage style open-face helmet
  • CT220: Modern three-quarter helmet with visor for scooter riders
  • C110: A half helmet that offers actual protection unlike those worthless novelty helmets
  • Covert: A unique “all in one” helmet with an unprecedented design that looks like something a SWAT officer from the future would wear. Click Here…

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