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Sport bikes

Sport bikes

Some of the tracks in Irish road racing include full-on jumps like these. Sport bikes weren’t made to catch air – but they do in this sport!

Sport bikes In addition to the harrowing obstacles inches from the track that Irish road racers have to contend with (what they ironically refer to as “furniture”), the roads they race on are regular country roads the other 364 days of the year, and thus rutted with potholes and tar snakes as any public road would be. And unlike many other racing sports – many sports in general, in fact – rain does not cancel a race. With all the threats a racer on the Irish road racing circuit has to content with, a bout of foul weather will also throw the loss of traction into the mix too.

Given the almost complete disregard for safety for the sake of competition that exists in Irish road racing, the races are a spectacle that draws crowds from all over the British Isles every weekend in the summer. Just as at the Isle of Man, spectators gather along the track only inches away from where riders pass at triple-digit speeds, so close one could reach out and touch them as they did. Riders aren’t the only ones putting themselves at risk there – spectators join in the danger, all just to experience the thrill of being close to the death-defying racing they love.



But even with the huge increase in Isle of Man TT in recent years, and despite the excitement and danger Irish road racing involves that makes it such an entertaining spectacle, Irish road racing is surprisingly in danger of becoming extinct – and it has mostly to do not with the quality of the sport, but with the lack of revenue it generates. While Isle of Man is extremely well-organized and has a fan base that is worldwide, Irish road racing is locally organized in a less formal manner, and has only regional popularity. With insurance costs of the dangerous races soaring as bikes get faster and races become more lethal, but with a fan base that isn’t expanding, the series has been steadily losing races over the last several years. It’s unfortunate, but as old, cool, and unique as Irish road racing is, it may not even be around in a few years simply due to money issues. So if you get a chance to watch this unusual and amazing sport – enjoy it while it lasts! Click Here…

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