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Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strength: Style and Design: Icon excels in design and style, from the uniquely beautiful lines and shapes of their products, to their exceptional use of graphics and color schemes. Icon’s unique designs are almost legendary in the motorcycle industry, and probably no other helmet maker uses such a variety of paints, layers, and textures in their graphics like they do. Not into bold graphics? No worry – Icon’s designs are so good, even in flat or solid colors they are truly beautiful products.

Strength: Street/Sport Market: Icon doesn’t have a large product selection or appeal to a wide audience of riders, but for their street and sport targeted demographic, probably no company does helmets better. Their helmets are designed with the street rider in mind from start to finish, and it shows in their quality and functionality.

Strength: Fit and Finish: Icon doesn’t just have products that are beautiful on websites and in catalogs – their helmets are absolutely stunning in person, both inside and out. Graphics are eye-popping, construction is solid, and materials have a distinctly top-notch feel about them. If you had to guess what an Icon helmet cost as you were holding it in your hand, you’d almost certainly guess high.

Weakness: Product Selection: A side effect from having a narrow focus on the street/sport market, though they do it very well, is that they also leave a lot of the market out. Icon doesn’t make a race helmet, a modular helmet, or anything less than a full-face helmet at all, in fact.


This Icon Airframe Pro Carbon “Glory” is, without a doubt, one of the best-looking motorcycle helmets in existence. And if you think it looks good here – you should see it in person.

Scorpion EXO

Strength: Product Selection: Scorpion EXO may not have the best helmet in any particular category, but they certainly do have strong, consistently highly performing products for every category. If it has two wheels, they have a helmet for it, and they have even invented a couple of new categories like with their unique modular adventure helmet the AT950, or the completely unique Covert.

Strength: Versatility: Scorpion EXO’s products are all about versatility; in fact, I think its probably a mandate for their design team to make every product they develop to have multiple uses. This shows in their adoption of modular technology, and in the dual or even triple-purpose use of several of their products. If you do it all and want a helmet that will too, Scorpion EXO probably has a helmet for it.

Strength: Innovation: Scorpion EXO is a brand that is constantly exploring the boundaries and testing new ideas, and the results are impressive; their Airfit system, an air pump-actuated custom fitting system makes it possible to achieve a perfect snug fit while still making helmets easy to put on and take off, and their effort to incorporate modular options across their product line has paid off as the modular helmet market has boomed.

Weakness: Style: Scorpion EXO’s products aren’t bad looking, but they often aren’t particularly memorable-looking either. There are some notable exceptions (the beautiful R2000 Tagger Ensenada, the battle-ready AT-950 Battleflage, or the intimidating Covert all come to mind), but for the most part, Scorpion EXO tends toward a more conservative design approach.


Another example of Icon’s unique – if sometimes unusual or even shocking – graphics is this beautiful helmet, the Airmada Nikova II.

The Verdict

Overall, Icon and Scorpion EXO make excellent helmets at a midrange price point, but each brand definitely does certain things better than the other. If you are a street/sport rider, know you want a full-face helmet, or are really into style and graphics, start with Icon – they’ll probably have something perfect for you, and the premium fit, finish and materials in their products will impress you even more in person. On the other hand, if you are looking for a modular, three-quarter, or half-helmet, or if you just appreciate innovation and products that push the envelope in function and features, you’ll really appreciate the wide selection Scorpion EXO has to offer. Click Here…

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