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Shedding Their Velvet

Shedding Their Velvet

10 Amazing Photos of Bucks Shedding Their Velvet

Shedding Their Velvet When was the last time you spotted a deer shedding its velvet in the wild? Encounters like these can seem few and far between, so here are 10 awesome pictures of deer antlers shedding their velvet that will leave you in awe.

1. I whip my velvet back and forth


Even though it’s almost in this guy’s eyes, he’s still proudly displaying that red for all to see. (Source: Imgur)

2. Dripping velvet


This guy is just about finish dropping his velvet, which means hunting season isn’t far behind. (Source: Deer and Deer Hunting)

3. “Think this is a game?”


This deer has really had it with people taking pictures of that velvet shedding, that’s for sure. (Source: Reddit)

4. Can someone get this guy a rag?


It’s not every day you see a deer this bloody during the velvet shedding process. (Source: Synymphonia/Tumblr)

5. Only a few more pieces left!


Do you think they know when they’re this close to end of the shed? (Source: Midwest Bass Tournaments)

6. These have definitely been rubbed against trees


The dirt is a tell-tale sign. (Source: Pinterest)

7. He definitely knows we’re here


We see your side eye, buck, and raise you a whole antler. (Source: Dr. Nordberg Deer Hunting)

8. The dangling pieces tell all


Can we have a shot at this guy once he’s done shedding? That’s a beautiful rack! (Source: Pinterest)

9. “Want a piece of me?”


This buck has certainly had it with the velvet shedding season, he looks as ready as we are to be into hunting season. Look at those fightin’ eyes! (Source: Pinterest)
10. The end of the velvet shed


One last bit to shed at the bottom, and this guy is home free to roam right on into our rifle scopes. (Source: Flickr/Larry Smith)

Did these photos get you amped for deer season? Just think of all those nice ol’ bucks out there, just waiting for you!

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