Leather obsession is realHere’s a test to find out if you’re crazy about leather. Leather is addictive and we won’t judge you if you show signs of leather addiction. We might judge you if you aren’t addicted to leather yet. Test yourself to see if you really are crazy about leather! Don’t be surprised if we know too much about you.

Ready, set, go!

1-You know the difference between real leather and fake leather

Image of real vs fake leather

You’re such a huge leather enthusiast that you can tell the difference between real and fake leather simply by the touch of your hand. You can feel that PU, Faux, and genuine leather aren’t actually real leather. You read the product description and never believe anyone if they talk about “Genuine leather” because you know it’s a scam! Only real leather made from animal hide/skin (cowhide, sheepskin etc) is real leather. No one can fool a leather expert like you!

2-You can identify the types of leather

piece of leather - top grain

You have ample knowledge of leather. This means, you can identify the types of leather with ease. You know that full-grain leather is used to make shoes or furniture and the best leather for jackets is top-grain leather. You don’t ever buy genuine, bonded or faux leather because you can simply touch a piece of leather and identify its type. Even a picture is worth a thousand words in this situation, you know exactly what you want when you see it!

3-You LOVE the new leather jacket smell

Collage of MONT5 Jackets

Leather smells spectacular. Everyone know that. No matter what, there is no question in the fact that the smell of leather stays with you, redefining your memories. You will always remember what leather smells like because it is such a distinct smell; something that you MUST love if you’re a leather enthusiast! Yourfrown turns upside down the moment a new leather jacket arrives with the super-addictive smell of leather.

4-You know how cool leather jackets are

Pilots wearing bomber leather jackets to show that leather jackets are cool

You LOVE leather jackets. You know that they never run out of style. They are your staple clothing no matter what you pair your leather jacket with, you must own at least one prized possession in the form of a leather jacket. You were once fascinated by the fact that bomber jackets were made for fighter pilots or that leather jackets were used for protection during the world war. Your look is never complete if you aren’t wearing a leather jacket because you’re a cool person and leather jackets are just as cool! Cl.ick Here…