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4 Reasons Why you Need a Leather Duffel Bag

4 reasons why you NEED a Leather Duffel Bag

When you google leather duffel bags, you can find a long list of bags from all over. But not every bag is the same. The real question is, why should you even consider buying a Bon Voyage leather duffel bag that the leather jacket shop has to offer. It isn’t a complicated matter to be honest; a list of its features is sure to convince you to buy the beauty..

1.It is made from top grain leather

Front image of Bon Voyage leather duffel from Leather Jacket shop

The Bon Voyage leather duffel bag sounds pretty fancy, doesn’t it? Well, it should because it is made from top-grain leather. It is basically a cowhide leather bag that has an antique finish. You can call it a weekender if you wish, because it is ideal for a short weekend trip or as we like to call it, a “Bon Voyage.”

2.It has unmatched space

Vintage image of Bon Voyage leather duffel from Leather Jacket shop

This leather duffel or as we like to call it, the “Bon Voyage” duffel bag is extremely spacious. Inside the bag you can find a zipper and two pockets without a zip to carry mobile devices, charger and other traveling documents.

Bonus: One open pocket outside the bag.

3.It is is the ideal size making it easy to carry

Side image of Bon Voyage leather duffel from Leather Jacket shop

The compact size of this leather beauty makes it an ideal bag to carry. It has a shoulder and hand-carry strap to make sure that you can carry it on your next trip without any trouble. It is a must-have for your travel adventures. You will no longer need to worry about deciding what to keep and what to leave on your next trip.

Go on and enjoy a stress free adventure.

4.It’s a vintage beauty

Outdoor vintage image of Bon Voyage leather duffel from Leather Jacket shop

This leather duffel bag is an extremely essential thing to carry, not because of all the features listed. The leather duffel bag redefines taking a vintage styled beauty and making it for an extremely contemporary audience. Simply put, it’s a vintage beauty!

As someone who loves leather, we’d recommend you get your hands on this extraordinary leather beautyas soon as you can. Good things don’t wait around, get yours now before someone else get’s their hands on it! You deserve a leather treat. Click Here…

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