Leather jackets or even simple biker jackets are the coolest, that’s a given. No questions asked, right? But if you still need to be convinced, this simple list of why leather jackets are the coolest in the world is sure to convince you!

1.Leather Jackets are super fashionable

Person wearing a retro leather jacket

Leather Jackets and biker jackets are miracle workers. They are made to make you look like you are ready to walk down a ramp of a fashion show. It sounds like a whole lot of exaggeration but honestly, they are the most fashionable jackets in the whole world! Wear any leather jacket, black, brown or even a red biker jacket and you’re sure to get some heads turning. Try it, wear one and walk down the street someday, count how many people turn heads, you’ll be surprised at the number!

2.Leather is edgy

Person wearing a black leather jacket in an old setting

Leather jackets are pretty darn edgy; no matter where, when or how you decide to wear them. They are the coolest jackets ever and will always look a class apart. Why don’t you try something: Go to google images and search for “Edgy style” and most of the images will have people wearing leather jackets. See, it’s as simple as that. Leather is the edgiest material alive making them the coolest jackets EVER!

3.Leather Jackets are Vintage yet extra chic

Vintage Leather Jacket hanging on a raw background Vintage Jacket

Leather is vintage yet chic. It represents an old school style with a somewhat contemporary feel. It allows you feel connected to the past and the present. You can call leather the easy way to time travel!

4.Leather Jackets were actually designed for Fighter Pilots


Yup! You read that right. Leather Jackets came into style later. They were initially created specially for military pilots. They were the real military clothing. Imagine how important leather was back then; military clothing that protected the most fierce men at the time and made them look exceptionally heroic!

5.Leather Jackets were used for protection during World War

Officers from World War having a conversation

During the worldwar, most airplanes didn’t have an enclosed cockpit which meant pilots needed to wear something that would keep them super warm. Hence, the US army started a clothing board back in the day which gave heavy-duty leather flight jackets to the officers. These leather jackets had high wraparound collars, zipper closures with wind flaps, snug cuffs and waists while some were lined with fur! They kept the force warm, protected them and made them look absolutely stunning all at the same time! How freakin’ cool right? Aren’t leather jackets are getting cooler by the second! Click Here…