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Matching Jacket

Matching Jacket

Wear It with a Matching Jacket

A fun way to wear a leather jacket is to pair it with a matching jacket or coat. The general idea is to stick with the same material and color with both of these items to create a cohesive appearance. If you’re wearing a black leather skirt, for instance, pair it with a similar black leather jacket. Or if you’re wearing a brown leather skirt, pair it with a brown leather jacket — you get the idea. Following that same principle, you should avoid wearing a jacket color that clashes with your skirt. Wearing a brown leather skirt with a black leather jacket, for instance, isn’t going to work because brown and black clash with one another.


Some women assume that they can no longer wear skirts once we reach the cold winter months, but this isn’t necessarily true. You just have to wear the right type of skirt, and wear it in the right way. As stated above, leather skirts are perfect for the cold weather because they are thicker and warmer than their cotton counterparts. Furthermore, you can wear a leather skirt with leggings for additional warmth. A pair of leggings will keep your legs warm while also introducing new color to your outfit. You can either wear leggings in the same color as your skirt, or you can choose an entirely different color. Just make sure the two garments don’t clash with one another. This outfit is easy to create, looks great on women of all body types, and it’s guaranteed to keep your legs warm.

Accessorize with Leather Accessories

Another fun way to wear a leather skirt is to accessorize your outfit. Accessories are always a great way to “spruce up” an outfit, but they are particularly beneficial when wearing a leather skirt. You can accessorize your leather skirt with a matching leather handbag, for instance, to achieve a more uniform appearance. Other non-leather accessories to consider include sunglasses, a necklace, bracelet and earrings. Feel free to experiment with different accessories — both leather and non-leather — to see what works best for your outfit.

Go Two Tone

What’s a two-tone style? It’s exactly what it sounds like: wearing two primary colors in your outfit. You can achieve a two-tone style with a leather skirt by pairing your skirt with a top in a different color. If your leather skirt is black, for instance, consider pairing it with a maroon or dark red-colored shirt. The black on red creates a visually striking appearance that’s sure to compliment your personal image. Of course, black and red is only one of many color combination from which to choose. Black on white is another popular choice as well as black on green, black on gray and red on white.

Choose a High-Quality Leather Skirt

Perhaps the most important fashion tip is to choose a high-quality leather skirt. Sure, you can probably save a couple bucks by choosing a low-quality leather skirt, but this is once instance in which you get what you pay for. Low-quality leather skirts are more likely to rip, fade and experience other forms of damage than their higher quality counterparts. Click Here…

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