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our company

Game Gear Hunting – About us and our company.

About Us 

We have been manufacturing athletic apparel since 1946. We have continued to redefine the way people view American manufacturing since the company was established so many years ago. We at Game Gear also has a comprehensive line of Custom Team Uniforms, Workout Gear, Travel & Corporate Apparel, or Fan wear. Game Gear is your one stop solution for Quality, Turnaround and Service. You can choose from Performance Hunting Apparel, cutting edge Sublimation, at once Stock, or Custom X press options with Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Tackle Twill on over twenty-five performance fabrics. Our service is second to none and we will continue to strive forward and redefine the term: Made in the USA. Welcome to Game Gear.

New Friends and great ideas- Hunting

In the winter of 2011 we had a few hunters that were wearing our Heat Tech base layers while hunting and scouting the summer months and our Cold Tech base layers while hunting the winter months. During their visits to the factory, based in Slc, UT, there were short conversations about a hunting line of apparel and why Game Gear has not yet designed and offered a hunting line due to the knowledge of fabrics and athletic functionality. Conversations soon turned into emails and introductions to staff at Game Gear while scheduling frequent visits to collaborate on an idea of creating a new line of apparel that would have its own pattern, combined with the knowledge of our athletics background and the background of hunters with over 60+ years in the field. This is where friendships were created and a relationship with Ron Elmer and his team of hunters, Dennis Velasquez, Richard Slaugh, Doug Barron, blossomed into an idea that we now call Game Gear Hunting.

Our camo patterns

The basic idea behind our camo was to develop a camouflage pattern that would be a combination of light colors that would brake up the human outline. After a considerable amount of research (1 year) with wildlife biologists and a few college professors, we made the move to develop the pattern without any black in it at all. We were amazed to see how much the color black effects a pattern at just over 50+ yards. Based on how the common animal eye sees most colors, even slight black blotches bleed into other colors and make for a very dark human figure at minimal yardage. After many, many variations and field testing we landed on the pattern you see now and have had great success with it. We are very pleased with how effective the pattern has been not just for us but for many of our customers as well. Click Here…

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