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Motorcycle boots at J&S Accessories

Hello and welcome to Alex’s blog. With this glorious weather we are experiencing a lot of you will be getting out and about on your bike, most likely more than usual this year. With this in mind you will be getting more use out of your kit. This week I wanted to look at motorcycle boots and pass on some tips for buying the best bootsfor you and highlighting some great boot deals we have available at the moment for inspiration.

First of all, I realise the irony of this that I am writing this for an online blog, for a website that sells boots, but it really is worth trying a pair of boots on. Sizes and brands vary in fit, and its always worth trying on with the kit you would wear – boots aren’t going to fit the same with a pair of chinos in as they would with a pair of leather trousers. We have 30 stores nationwide – open 7 days a week – with a great variety of boots in each store. This isn’t to say you should never buy online! If you have ALWAYS bought a particular brand and are buying a replacement model (in similar styling) then you will most likely find that the size you already own would be the size to buy – in which case then go ahead and buy online!

Also when you buy motorcycle boots you should think about what you want from them. What height you would like, what protection you need, would you like them to be waterproof? What do you need them for? Do they tick all the boxes you require? Lots of people have different boots for different seasons, shorter more casual styles for summer to wear with Kevlar denim jeans, but others use one style all year round.

There is a LOT of choice on the market – we try to make it easier to shop online, or just to browse, by segregating in to Sports, Touring, Gore-Tex, Ankle boots, Motocross and Ladies. This makes it easier to filter through the styles, but really you want a style that suits you the best – which isn’t always easy. Click Here…

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