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Range of Motorcycle Helmets
Hello and welcome to Alex’s Blog. Last week I looked at motorcycle leather suits so this week I wanted to focus on another piece of kit. Helmets. We have thousands in stock or every colour and variety you can shake a stick at, but which is best for you?

How to choose the right motorcycle helmet for you

The single, most important, factor when choosing a helmet is the fit. The best/safest helmet you can buy is the one that fits you best. End of story.

Your motorcycle helmet is the one thing between the only head you have and the ground flying by beneath you, so it’s crucial that you buy the right helmet for the type of riding you are doing.

Chris Sackett, vice-president of Bell Helmets, sums it up nicely when says “Dress for the crash, not the ride.” It’s not a nice thought and we would hope that none of you would ever have to experience a collision but statistically this is sadly something that could happen and is a great piece of advice.

Helmet types – to understand which one is best for you its best to understand which helmets are which.

AGV K3 SV Bulega HelmetFull-face.
The most common type of helmet out there, and definitely ou best seller.these feature a good solid shell with a fixed chin bar. This style of helmet suits pretty much any style of riding from racing round a track, to daily commuting, or just a casual Sunday ride out. Features include multiple vents mainly on the chin and forehead as well as an external clear visor along with specific recesses designed to assist those who wear glasses to get them on once the helmet is on. Some models may even include an internal sun visor and a Pinlock anti fog lens.

Bell Custom 500 RSD Check It HelmetOpen-face.
Exactly what it says on the tin – the face is open. More of a retro styled helmet, more suited to the casual Sunday cruiser, retro, or scooter rider, certainly not a shell you would wear round Silverstone. There are many styles of open face helmets; some have an external clear visor, or have press studs on the brow of the helmet for a visor, or peak, to be attached, others have internal drop-down sun visors.

Givi X08 Modular Helmet in WhiteFlip-front.
Flip front or ‘modular’ helmets are a tourer’s and commuter’s dream as the rider doesn’t have the inconvenience of having to take their helmet off at every stop they make, petrol stations and shop visits just became a lot easier. These are becoming more popular with our customers. There was a time these weren’t as trusted as full-face helmets for safety reasons but all manufacturers have addressed this safety feature and as they are so convenient they are growing in popularity each year.

Shoei Hornet Adv Helmet in Matt BlackAdventure/ Dual Sport.
This is a hybrid helmet combining elements of motocross and full face helmets, used by those who like to venture off the beaten track as well as on the road. They have the elongated chin bar, and sun peak of motocross with a large opening that seals with soundproofing and a full face style visor for on-road riding. This is another style of helmet that is becoming increasingly popular as the design of these has moved on leaps and bounds in recent years and this offers versatility for the rider.

IXS HX 276 Ice Helmet in Blue Red and Yellow
Motocross helmets are designed to minimise weight, be used with goggles and they have an elongated chin bar to maximise ventilation. The sun peak lives up to its name, it protects your eyes from the sun. Click Here…

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