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Feed Stations

Feed Stations

Best Locations for Deer Mineral and Feed Stations

The attraction behind supplemental feeding and deer minerals is one thing, the strategy behind the attraction is another. The approach behind both supplemental feeding and deer minerals should lean on the side of attraction and inventory rather than a chore devoted to increasing the health of the herd. Establishing feed and mineral sites that capture the deer and bucks utilizing the property on trail camera, and that could potentially be advantageous to your hunting strategy should be your entire focus this summer.

This means maximizing deer attraction and traffic in places that make sense, and that work well with wind direction, food sources, bedding areas, and stand locations. The picture below shows how this might work on a hunting property. The sites shown are in the transition areas between bedding areas and food sources, however, they also keep in mind, especially with supplemental deer feeding stations that these areas are easy to access with a side by side or truck.

Summer deer feeding minerals

How to Install Deer Mineral and Feed Site

The strategy behind a mineral or feed site is just as important as the installation. The deer feeding and deer mineral tips below on site installation will help.

What You Will Need

  • Transportation – a Side by Side, ATV, or truck if accessible
  • Trail Camera – Trail Camera, batteries, SD card, and Strap
  • Loppers/Weed eater – to clean up brush/tall grass in the area
  • Deer Mineral – Big and J Meltdown™ or Legit®
  • Deer Feed – Big and J BB2 Granular or Big and J Cube™
  • Knife – A knife to open mineral or feed bags

Summer deer feeding minerals

Steps to Installing a Deer Mineral or Supplemental Feed Site

  • Select an area that works with your property’s hunting strategy and is a high traffic area.
  • Clear (with loppers or weed eater) a 10-yard wide circle around an area that will work well to hang a trail camera.
  • Hang the trail camera chest high with either video mode every 5 minutes, or 3-photo burst every 5 minutes.
  • Mix, dump, or pour the mineral out on the ground 10 yards from the camera.
  • Revisit the site bi-weekly or every month with vehicle running (to decrease pressure) to check SD card, refill deer mineral or deer feed, and check trail camera battery life.
  • Be sure to check baiting restrictions before the season opens in order to remove the bait before the deer season or hang your tree stand near bait site.

These tips for growing the attraction of your deer hunting property are arguably the some easiest and most inexpensive ways to increase deer traffic across your property. Now is the time to establish mineral sites and deer feeding sites on your property! Don’t miss out on this off-season preparation. Remember hunters most definitely reap what they sow! Click Here…

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