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Tree Stand

Tree Stand

Setting Up Your Tree Stand

If you don’t hang tree stands very often or are wondering how to set up a climbing tree stand for the first time, you’ll probably find that practicing before the season will help you a lot. There’s nothing worse than frantically trying to hang one on opening morning while the sun is peeking through the branches. One of the best tree stand tips is to practice setting up and climbing your stand a few times so you are used to doing it before the season. If you do this even once before the season starts, it will help you mentally prepare for the real event.

After bringing your tree stands out to the woods with your side by side, it’s time to set up. At the base of the tree before you leave the ground, lay everything (e.g., ladder sections, straps, etc.) out in the order you’ll need them. Adjust your tree stand’s straps to roughly fit around the circumference of the tree. Once you leave the ground, you don’t want to spend a lot of time adjusting the straps with your limited movement capability. Here’s a time-saving tree stand tip: attach a hoist rope from your various tree stand parts to your safety harness so you can easily lift them up without having to climb up and down.

“Obviously the tree gets smaller as you go up, but you can gauge what your straps need to be at before you go up. So put your stand up against the tree, tighten it up a little bit and make sure it’s ready to go.” This way when you climb up and start hanging the stand, everything is ready to go and you don’t have to take the chance of falling out of the tree or getting tired” – Nick Mundt

One way to hunt several different locations easily is to hang several ladder sections and tree hanging brackets in different locations. These brackets are much smaller and more manageable to hang. Then you can simply carry your platform with you and lower it onto the secure post and socket receiver. Hunt all day and take the platform with you when you go. The next day, you can try a different tree stand location just by bringing your platform with. This is also a more discrete option than a traditional tree stand if you have problems with trespassers or can leave tree stands on public land.

Tree Stand Positioning

Nick Mundt has plenty of experience when it comes to hanging tree stands just right. So much so that he decided to share one tree stand tip that could make a big difference in your hunting season this year!

As mentioned above, one of Nick’s tree stand tips is to pay attention to which side of the tree you set up on. If there are lots of limbs and leaves (such as in an oak or pine tree), you could probably get away with facing the direction you expect deer to travel. Nevertheless, if it’s a pretty bare tree, you should instead set up on the back side of the tree. Why? It provides more cover for you. You can get away with a little more movement and stay off a mature buck’s radar a little longer if you’re on the back side. Sure, you’ll have to stand more often. But when the action is hot, it’s best to be standing anyway. And shooting around the tree isn’t really a big deal as long as you’ve practiced it. Below are some more tree stand placement tips to take into consideration.

Finally, the HAWK® tree stands are durable and quiet, using Teflon washers to help you hunt stealthily all season. But if you’re going to be stealthy in the early season, make sure to bring your Thermacell® insect repellent. It’s hard to stay unnoticed if you’re swatting mosquitoes away from your face! Click Here…

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