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Motorcycle Suit

Motorcycle Suit

Custom Motorcycle Suit for a Track Day

Many track day enthusiasts are out searching on the Internet researching what is the current affordable custom motorcycle suit for a track day but riders few have been lucky enough to stumble upon a small manufacturer of a full line of custom fit leather racing gear called Comet Racing Leathers. Comet Racing Leathers focuses on giving track racers and weekend riders the ability to personalize their custom motorcycle leathers and they carry a full line of one and two piece racing suits to match any rider’s style. Most importantly for maximum safety each suit and jacket has a “custom fit” option for the rider and each item can also be personalized for armor, color, embroidery work.

Custom motorcycle suit for a track day

Track day customized suit for customer-comet partner in OZZ

Comet Racing Leathers (CRL) specializes in delivering custom fit tailored one and two piece leather motorcycle racing suits designed and built with track day professionals in mind. Comets racing suit line options ranges from the aggressive athletic cut Comet CCR-1 GP Pro Arrow racer for the professional WERA Circuit racer all the way to the combination street and track ready 2 piece CCXM 360 “Full Motion” GP Pro racer designed both for sport bike racing and over the road cruising.

Most important (CRL) offers you the option of a custom fit motorcycle suit based off your own 20 personalized measurements to deliver a suit that fits your body like a glove. From the neck measurement to the ankle measurement your suit is hand made within and inch and half tolerance throughout the entire suit. This affords the driver the safest possible suit and provides the greatest comfort at a price he or she can afford.

Each suit can also be customized by utilizing the many other custom options offered by comet racing leathers including your choice both types of interior (CE approved Smith armor) and exterior ( titanium ) armor options as well the ability to customize your suit colors and personalized logo work free of charge. The owner also has the ability to customize the amount of perforation they would like depending upon their location and racing conditions.

Exterior titanium shoulder protector

Extertior Option

These options create and excellent opportunity and for those drivers looking for custom motorcycle suit for a track day a real chance to get the safety, look and feel of how the professionals do it. Lastly Comet offers free shipping to anywhere in the world on their custom fit racing and cruising suit options. Click Here…

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