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The Winter Fashion Vocabulary for Grads!

Dec 8, 2014 12:44:43 AM By Zainab Comments

Hey there! Today I have the winter trend checklist for all the collegians and grads out there who wish to know what would go perfect for this sizzling season. Fashion speaks and yes it has its own Vocabulary too ! The art is just to understand it.

Being trendy and fashionable even in winters when there are layers and layers of clothes on is surely on the top of a wish list specially when it comes to the young grads and college going fellows. With a lot of options of clothes, accessories, color shades and forms of styling one can heat it up, rather i would say Winters redefine fashion. So let’s have a look on what is a to do For Her & For Him !

For Her

Color Shades  

The earthy tones are in, the shades of green, blue, coral and grey would look massively attractive. Teaming them up with bright neon shades would add the class . Talking about colors, do keep your lip shade and blush on on a lighter side.



When you know what colors to wear, you should also know what accessories you should relate then with. You can put on a muffler/scarf, brooches, chains/lockets, wrist watches etc to enhance the overall look.



Winter essentials are always in style such as leather jackets,  leggings, cardigans, gloves,  overalls,  stoles/ scarves and  boots.



Make it look good. It should not be more like a pile of clothes all over, you can add long boots with leggings and a knee length top having a belt around. Such things if streamlined make you look best.


For Him

Color Shades

It is more likely being said that “Charcoal grey is the new black,” rest other colors relate with a good baseline and less bright stuff.



Mufflers, caps, beaded bracelets, and bright watches look trendy . The rugged look makes a great impression in winters.



Hoodies, Blazers, Jackets,Long Coats, ankle boots and head gears look very attractive.



Pair up the denim look and amaze the gaze around you. Leather pants give an equally good touch when you pull over a long coat adding a muffler.

With these you can surely make a better impression and look the most captivating in the most amazing time of your life. So feel young and be good.  Click Here…

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