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Woman Needs

Woman Needs

Why Every Woman Needs a Leather Jacket

Why Every Woman Needs a Leather Jacket

There are countless different coats and outerwear from which to choose; however, few offer the same level of versatility as a leather jacket. But leather jackets aren’t designed strictly for men, women can benefit from them as well. So, if you’re a woman who’s looking to update to your wardrobe with a new jacket, consider leather on your next shopping excursion. Here are just a few undeniable reasons why every woman needs a leather jacket.

Classic, Timeless Style

This alone should be reason enough to include a leather jacket in your wardrobe. As we’ve previously discussed on our blog, leather jackets have been around for over a century. And since then, very little has changed regarding their style and construction. They are still made with the same materials and construction methods. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that your leather jacket isn’t going to fade from style after just a few years. As long as you care for it, a leather jacket can last nearly a lifetime.


Leather jackets are classified as a “form-fitting” type of outerwear, meaning they contour to the shape of your body. This is important because form-fitting clothes will enhance and compliment your natural appearance. A leather jacket will hug your body just enough to define your shape, improving your appearance and making you stand out from the crowd. In comparison, large “puffer” coats have the opposite effect: they look baggy and awkward, which reflects upon your own appearance.

Quilted Lining

While not all leather jackets feature quilted lining, some do — and these are an excellent choice of outerwear for the otherwise chilly fall and winter months. These jackets are designed with the same high-quality genuine leather as regular leather jackets. Inside, however, a soft fabric is sewn into the jacket to provide additional comfort and warmth. So, while the outside of the jacket is leather, the interior is lined with a soft fabric.

If you can’t seem to choose between a quilted and traditional non-quilted leather jacket, why not include both in your wardrobe? You can wear the non-quilted jacket during the spring and summer and switch over to the quilted jacket for the fall and winter. Here at LeatherCult, we offer quilted lining on our jackets as an optional add-on.

Doesn’t Attract Lint

A benefit of wearing leather jackets that’s often overlooked by women is the simple fact that they don’t attract or hold lint. Being that it’s made of animal hide, leather has a somewhat slick surface that repels dirt, dust, lint and other debris. Granted, leather can still get “dirty,” though it typically doesn’t hold particulate debris like traditional fabrics. As such, you don’t have to worry about your leather jacket getting covered in lint. Just wipe down your leather jacket with a gentle leather cleaning product on occasion and you’re good to go! Click Here…

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