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SHOEI Motorcycle Helmets

SHOEI Motorcycle Helmets

Top 5 SHOEI Motorcycle Helmets Ranked by Best Series

The name SHOEI has stood for inventive, premium helmets since 1959. They originated the dual-sport helmet and innovations such as carbon fiber construction and dual liners. Today, SHOEI continues to push the envelope with stunning designs and modular helmets.

1. SHOEI RF-1200 Motorcycle Helmets

A lightweight street helmet, the SHOEI RF-1200 boasts sturdy construction despite its slim design. Extensive wind tunnel testing has produced an incredibly aerodynamic helmet.


SHOEI RF-1200 Valkyrie Helmet

“I have about 600 mile riding already and have found it to be comfortable and very quiet if the chin vent is closed. Visibility out of the helmet is as good as my open face. I highly recommend this helmet.” -Footer

Product Features: SHOEI RF-1200 Valkyrie Helmet

  • Multi-ply shell construction
  • Dual-density EPS liner
  • Reinforced shield
  • Snell and DOT approved
  • Contoured padded for comfort


SHOEI RF-1200 Solid Helmet

“This is the lightest weight helmet I have ever owned and the top and rear vents give me excellent air flow. It’s got a great shape, it doesn’t move around at all in higher speeds and is suprisingly quiet.” -Pino

Product Features: SHOEI RF-1200 Solid Helmet

  • Multiple shells for custom fit
  • Quick-release chin pads
  • Adjustable shield
  • Wind noise reduction system
  • Unique ventilation for better airflow

2. SHOEI VFW-X Motorcycle Helmets

SHOEI’s off-road helmet knowledge is on display in its VFW-X helmet. Tailormade for dirt bikers and motocross competitors, it boasts performance and comfort.


Shoei VFX-W Capacitor Helmet

“It has better venting than earlier models and more of them with a good air flow that really helps in hot weather.” -Carrol T.

Product Features: Shoei VFX-W Capacitor Helmet

  • Light weight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Shell
  • Flow-through Ventilation System
  • 3D Max-Dry Removable Liner System
  • V-430 Sleek Visor and Sleek Mouthpiece
  • SNELL-M2015, DOT-218


Shoei VFX-W Motorcycle Helmet

“When you pay for a Shoei you get safety, quality, comfort and functionality. Many people don’t think about how important a good helmet is until they crash. One thing I have never “skimped” on was my helmet. One stand out feature I liked was the cheek pad safety feature that comes on this helmet which allows medics and other emergency personnel to remove the helmet without possibly causing more injury to me. The VFX-W is one of the most comfortable helmets I have ever put on. Ive have my VFX-W for about 3 years now and the liner (with proper maintenance) is as good as the day I purchased it. Venting on this helmet is excellent. You feel the channels of air coming through and hitting your head when at speed. I ride in so-cal and Baja so it can get pretty warm quickly. This helmet definitely helps keep your head cooler.If you happen to venture into colder conditions you may want a balaclava or some sort of additional head coverage under the helmet. As for the fit the sizing chart was pretty spot on as I wear a medium is pretty much every brand. The shape of the helmet is also stylish and is easy to fit goggles over. Also I have used Oakley, Scott, Smith, Von Zipper and Dragon goggles with this helmet with no fitment issues. Would definitely buy another!” -Steve M.

Product Features: Shoei VFX-W Motorcycle Helmet

  • Light weight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Shell
  • Flow-through Ventilation System
  • 3D Max-Dry Removable Liner System
  • V-430 Sleek Visor and Sleek Mouthpiece
  • SNELL-M2015, DOT-218

3. SHOEI GT-Air Motorcycle Helmets

The SHOEI GT-Air is a street helmet that offers versatile performance options. Adjustable vents, sun-screens, and different shell sizes allow this helmet to adapt to you.


SHOEI GT-Air Expanse Helmet

“Great helmet, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Shoei.” -John

Product Features: SHOEI GT-Air Expanse Helmet

  • Molded spoiler reduces neck pressure
  • Optional sun screen blocks 99% of UV
  • Durable shell
  • Breath guard included
  • Eyeglass-compatible interior


SHOEI GT-Air Solid Helmet

“Beautiful helmet, with a design that, in my opinion, is very practical and elegant.” -Edward Infante

Product Features: SHOEI GT-Air Solid Helmet

  • Aerodynamic design
  • Anti-fog visor
  • Chin curtain reduces wind noise
  • Adjustable vents
  • Scratch-resistant shield

4. SHOEI X-14 Motorcycle Helmets

The SHOEI X-14 is a helmet created for professional racers. Hobbyists can benefit from its high-performance design and exceptional protection as well.


SHOEI X-Fourteen Kagayama 5 Helmet

Product Features: SHOEI X-Fourteen Kagayama 5

  • Extreme shell shape for aerodynamics
  • Cheek pad cooling system
  • 12 vents for maximum airflow
  • Liner adjusts for comfort
  • Double-locking shield


SHOEI X-Fourteen Helmet

“I have found it to have virtually no lift, very little buffeting and is surprisingly quiet. The fins and extended tail keep things very smooth north of 100 mph and is impressive over 140.” -Don M

Product Features: SHOEI X-Fourteen Helmet

  • Tough, resilient construction
  • Increased visibility from custom fit
  • Emergency cheek pad release
  • Aerodynamic rear flaps
  • Comfortable shell sizes

5. SHOEI Qwest Motorcycle Helmets

SHOEI’s design for the Qwest emphasized lightweight construction, noise reduction, and comfort. This a touring helmet that reduces riding fatigue in addition to protecting riders.


SHOEI Qwest Serenity Helmet

Product Features: SHOEI Qwest Serenity Helmet

  • Air spoiler reduces neck strain
  • Vent design maximizes airflow
  • Elastic organic fiber construction
  • Removable cheek pads
  • No-tool shield design


SHOEI Qwest Wanderlust Helmet

“I bought this helmet a couple weeks ago. I absolutely love it! I have owned many good brands of helmets and all of them fit poorly. This helmet fits like a helmet should.” -Rocket

Product Features: SHOEI Qwest Wanderlust Helmet

  • Dual-density EPS liner
  • Adjustable breath guard
  • High-visibility shield
  • Snell and DOT approved
  • Eyeglass compatible

Which SHOEI Helmet Is Best For You?

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